Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 15 Log-ins and Lolli is a Noob Moments

Logged in very briefly to run third session on Hoggle's client's Perlek, but when I tried to switch over to Osho I couldn't log back in. This has been ongoing all day. There was a note on the forums regarding issues they were trying to fix, and now a new one commenting this is going on at several locations, so I feel less bad, but as this is the start of a whole weekend I can actually play for a larger bit of time.

Most of the day lost to log in issues, which makes me sad, but there was little I could do about it. Did get a bit of foraging done, and finished off the Perlek for Hoggle's customer, then managed to get into a grind group and Hoggle showed up, so that was awesome. As the Kai has leveled up I feel more capable on her, and hopefully will get to run hydros soon.

Hoggle then told me something amazing: you can log in multiple toons on the same account at a time. I mean, WHAT!? so I was over the moon that I would not have to decide between leveling Soulei or grinding my secret crafter and levelling Aerys' pet. This information would have come in super hand a couple weeks ago. A well, whatever. my NoobDoc moment of the weekend. :)

When I was able to come back to the keys, I had the same login issue, so was unable to get back on to work on the Kai. Frustrating, as it was a waste of a perfect grind time: with the kid away I can use his cool system with no issues.

So crashing offline, with big plans for Saturday!

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