Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 32: Questing and SWG Pet Profiling

On Aerys, moved her incubator over, but encountered a couple issues and was unable to start a session on her (couldn't activate the incubator). Hatched that capped Dalyrake on her: nice critter: hates Talus, of course, but at least I had a food in my inventory that it liked. I will need to see if I can add more toons to my SWGpets profile...

Headed to Tyrena to run the Love Fest quests, thought about going to Endor, but I recall the city that you have to run the base quests in is Tyrena, and I was pretty sure I remembered most of the quest stuffs. After the starters are done, the best city to do the Matchmaking in is Kadaara, so i will be maintaining there, once I have finished the starters. Not sure how many toons I will do these on. I am somewhat disappointed that so much of the rewards, etc are No Trade.

Then took Aerys to tat to pick up her purchases from the bazaar, and afked her on Rills to get the collection further along while the Dalyrake gained a few levels.

Logged Soulei on, on the last legs of the Jabba missions, she is level 27, Kitteh is level 20.

Grabbed some Dewback and other mount DNAs, because they were there. Really need CuPa DNA.

Took a look at the Tusken cave part of the Darklighter quests: in a couple more levels: these are hard fights for Soulei right now.

Yay, done the Jabba quests, assigned to naboo, now! Well, while I'm here, may as well get Soulei started on the Love Fest stuff.

Checked Aerys who was AFKed at Darasuum, and got 5 levels on the Piggy. He's going to rock the Lyase hunting!

Switched to the Secret Crafter and got the processors flipped, moved the equipment Hoggle gave me into the processing lab. I've asked him for some Mutagen focussed machines so I can make 12-16s with good mutagen in them.

Popped onto Discord and chatted with the crew, Hoggle asked me to join TJO, so I said yes, and as soon as he did, Atlan sent me the request. That was fast. Not 100% sure how I feel about guilding, but they have been so generous and patient with me, and it's not like there's a lot of people I want to do the same things as.

Okoral and I then ran some mamien missions: he's working towards the Mystingar DNA reward, and I recall how fun HellBoy was: may have to do that myself. Well, Rill Wrecker would only take an afternoon to finish... will see where I go from there.

Chatting in Discord with Hoggle and Okoral is great: so much like old times. I like the new folks I am meeting too: they are a fun bunch! Exit and I are going to run the Heroic pre-quests next week. Yay, plans!

Piggie dinged to level 85 while we ran those missions, so I am pretty happy about that. Also grabbed a bunch of meat and a swack of decent Mamien DNA for Graul attempts. Looking forward to starting those. Hoggle asked me to start a Kwi for a friend, who i then met down in Kadaara, and actually added a bunch of folks to my friends List. The thing is, it bugs out whenever chat does, which is aggravating.

Late night availability of the computer allowed me to spend a bunch of time on SWGpets, looking at all the pics of my old pets. I started a new toon in my profile and will be re-ordering the old ones in a few. I wonder if I can get more folks using the site for this kind of thing again, and maybe show Ztez through activity that there's a chance to get back into playing actively again. I miss him.

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