Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 18 Part 2: Groups and Grinds, Grumpiness

I probably have two hours to play before I have to be social, so I flipped the processors, then switched to Aerys to get her set up for the grind. And the grind group is full. /pout. The server hour warning pops up, to cap my frustration.

 So I switched over to Soulei to see how far I could get her in that hour: the answer, not very far.

I did the Valarian bit, then ran to the Darklighter cave, to start the next part (which is pretty much the first hard thing in the Legacy quest: it's timed, and the mobs are just that bit tough, at level 14 and 15. So, I died. Cloned to Anchorhead and decided to switch back to Aerys.

Started foraging for Lyases and was quickly reminded why we should only forage for Lyases on Lok and Talus.NoobDoc moment: rare components are on every planet except Lok and Talus. so, yeah. did that for a bit, then popped over to Lok. The middle kiddle wants a bird for his first combat pet, so I may as well see about grabbing some Flit DNA while I forage. Unfortunately most of the mobs are just that little bit too low a level to benefit the Kai Tok, other than making her happy. Got three good samples and 2 11s, so that was actually productive.

So there's an interesting thought. I feel a need to spend my time in game wisely, as I share a system with both my sons, and  do not always have the access to play when and as I'd like. But I also have to watch how long I spent playing day to day, as it's an easy addiction to fall back into. Since the blogging is really helping my creative juices flow: I'm writing more than I have in years, which is very good for me.

Logged back in as soon as the server came back up, dumped inventory in the riverside labs, and then headed to Dant to see if there was room in the group: and there was! Got in and got grinding.

Had a lovely chat with a fellow in the group, then we both went afk, and I switched over to Soulei to grind up the pet. Hills around Bestine have some nice low level spawns, so I set up the petgrind macro there. Lil Kitty is getting big, fast. /beam

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