Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 37: Queries about Quirks

My incubator bugged up on me this morning. It took the session, used my enzymes, triggered the timer but showed stage 1. I will try again tonight and see if I get a second stage or if it reverts back again. will screenie it, just in case it bugs, as I get nothing back from a bug report without a visual log. Processed hydros are way expensive to waste on this kinda thing.

I processed a few things, picked up a couple CuPa missions on Tat, then ran around to a few vendors and picked up isos: in particular we need greens, especially as I'm going to be running CuPas for the next couple of days. (There's a mount Race event happening this weekend, which I won't be about for, but would like to have a few mounts on vendors for it.) Osho had a first stage hit on the first one started, so I will process up for Mutagen and get some heavy mutagen hydros to try for a couple mutant mounts. I loved my Cohenpa on live, so would love to have him back.

Todays NoobDoc moment was when Hoggle reminded me that /locate is how you find lost structures. So glad he told me that. I've prolly already lost a couple harvies due to not being able to recall that command. :P

Did get a third stage boom on Hoggle's Jundak. (Of course: shoulda been trying for the Spined Rancor or Mutant Acklay!) Statistics wise, I ran my numbers again, and I am now 19 mutation events in 90 sessions, which is a marginally more reasonable 20% chance. We will have to see how long that lasts. I wouldn't call what I do maximising chances though. In a year, I may have enough data on all the toons to state what percentages I am actually at. It's tempting, but also misleading to be calculating an accurate ratio before I have amassed enough data.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 36: Junk and Jundaks

I don't believe it. I had a half hour before I had to run into work, and logged on for a few minutes, flipped incubators. Pulled the Graul egg, then switched toons to run Aerys' next session and what do you know, but BOOM!

So now I need a 14 pt Hydro to finish that egg off, and Hoggle gets himself a Jundak. I am flabbergasted. That makes 4 app mutations in less than 6 weeks of active playing. I looked back over my stats: using high grade (if not always top) materials, I have achieved 12 stats and 4 apps in 74 incubation sessions. That's 16 mutation events out of 74, which means I am running about over 21% chance of mutation. That can't be the actual programmed chance. Maybe I should be going for Spined Rancor, or for Acklay, while the luck is on my side!

Anywho, off to work, will log back on later and flip processors. Don't have much time to play today.

Logged in very briefly in the evening, got processors flipped and such, and had a lovely chat with Mango, telling him all about the scientific work the BM community did back in the day: how we worked together to discover the maths behind all aspects of our profession. I think I talk too much: I need to make sure I let the guys in Discord know I do that and that they can shut me up whenever they need to. And then more fun with Vixie (shenanigans are afoot there, as we discovered we share a hobby or two).

Day 35: Auctioning an Egg

Hoggle found me a 13, so I threw that session in. We discussed it last night and agreed that since neither of us really want it, we should sell it and split the creds, so I posted to the BM forum on the website that we'd be auctioning the egg. Was pmed only a frew minutes later with an offer to buy it outrigtht. I'd rather see how high the market will go on it: it may be as low as 100-150 mill, but it could be higher. Auctions were a standard way of learning what at item was worth in the game on live, so we'll see what all we get for it now.

Switched to Aerys and started a Dalyrake, got a stat boom on first session. Dalyrakes are cool, the thing they mutate into might be my least favourite beast in game, the Jundak. If I get it (hah!) I know Hoggle will want it, at least.

Grind group was full, but the conversation in Diuscord was fun and funny and I reiterate how much I like being able to talk to my fellow players. I have a lot of information to impart, and stories to tell and it's great to have a method to do that, although I have to be careful I don't neglect my other outlets, like this blog.

Ran Aerys through her next dailies for Love Fest and then parkjed her at the Kunga cave on Dant to try and get a level or two on the Piggy while I sleep.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 34: Grinding and Grauls.

Yay, a morning to play! I am not (yet) as addicted as I was, but I did have my first SWG dream in a very long time. Reminded me of many of the game dreams I have had over the years.

Logged in Lifa to flip the last session on the Kwi, 37 minutes to restart. Spent 25 of that moving stuff around the processing lab. The Mutagen side is set up, and running its first three hydros. I think we'll process any 6 or under with over 6 mutagen. For best results, we will want to get some capped mutagen consumables, eventually, too.

 Logged on Osho for last session on Dewback. Switched to Aerys and got her home from Imp outpost (yay, we have a shuttle again!) and flipped her second session on Chuba. No booms on anybody.

Server reset, so I blogged to fill the time.

Back into game, will run Aerys' dailies, then get her set up AFK, run Soulei's dailes and then work a bit on the next legs of Legacy. She has hit level 30, and the pet is level 22. Need to catch the beast up: will see if I can afk her for a couple hours tomorrow.

Processed some, chatted with Oko in Discord, and then late in the evening, Boom, Graul. Holy heck. Hoggle gonna be miffed, and I feel bad that he's been trying for months and gotten nothing yet, and I have barely been around for a month and get 3 Apps and about 9 Stats. And I didn't even want a Graul, just wanted to make one, for shiggles. Now to get my paws on a 13 pt hydro to finish it off.

Ran maps to just take advantage of the playtime, went to bed before I passed out.

Day 33: Just Flipping

Processors, Incubators a tiny smidge of questing and then AFK for the rest of the day. I have mundane obligations, after all.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 32: Questing and SWG Pet Profiling

On Aerys, moved her incubator over, but encountered a couple issues and was unable to start a session on her (couldn't activate the incubator). Hatched that capped Dalyrake on her: nice critter: hates Talus, of course, but at least I had a food in my inventory that it liked. I will need to see if I can add more toons to my SWGpets profile...

Headed to Tyrena to run the Love Fest quests, thought about going to Endor, but I recall the city that you have to run the base quests in is Tyrena, and I was pretty sure I remembered most of the quest stuffs. After the starters are done, the best city to do the Matchmaking in is Kadaara, so i will be maintaining there, once I have finished the starters. Not sure how many toons I will do these on. I am somewhat disappointed that so much of the rewards, etc are No Trade.

Then took Aerys to tat to pick up her purchases from the bazaar, and afked her on Rills to get the collection further along while the Dalyrake gained a few levels.

Logged Soulei on, on the last legs of the Jabba missions, she is level 27, Kitteh is level 20.

Grabbed some Dewback and other mount DNAs, because they were there. Really need CuPa DNA.

Took a look at the Tusken cave part of the Darklighter quests: in a couple more levels: these are hard fights for Soulei right now.

Yay, done the Jabba quests, assigned to naboo, now! Well, while I'm here, may as well get Soulei started on the Love Fest stuff.

Checked Aerys who was AFKed at Darasuum, and got 5 levels on the Piggy. He's going to rock the Lyase hunting!

Switched to the Secret Crafter and got the processors flipped, moved the equipment Hoggle gave me into the processing lab. I've asked him for some Mutagen focussed machines so I can make 12-16s with good mutagen in them.

Popped onto Discord and chatted with the crew, Hoggle asked me to join TJO, so I said yes, and as soon as he did, Atlan sent me the request. That was fast. Not 100% sure how I feel about guilding, but they have been so generous and patient with me, and it's not like there's a lot of people I want to do the same things as.

Okoral and I then ran some mamien missions: he's working towards the Mystingar DNA reward, and I recall how fun HellBoy was: may have to do that myself. Well, Rill Wrecker would only take an afternoon to finish... will see where I go from there.

Chatting in Discord with Hoggle and Okoral is great: so much like old times. I like the new folks I am meeting too: they are a fun bunch! Exit and I are going to run the Heroic pre-quests next week. Yay, plans!

Piggie dinged to level 85 while we ran those missions, so I am pretty happy about that. Also grabbed a bunch of meat and a swack of decent Mamien DNA for Graul attempts. Looking forward to starting those. Hoggle asked me to start a Kwi for a friend, who i then met down in Kadaara, and actually added a bunch of folks to my friends List. The thing is, it bugs out whenever chat does, which is aggravating.

Late night availability of the computer allowed me to spend a bunch of time on SWGpets, looking at all the pics of my old pets. I started a new toon in my profile and will be re-ordering the old ones in a few. I wonder if I can get more folks using the site for this kind of thing again, and maybe show Ztez through activity that there's a chance to get back into playing actively again. I miss him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 31: Short Runs

Popped on and got Secret Crafter's session done and the processors flipped over: 3 more 20s underway *barely* before the server reset. /sigh. Timing is everything.

Got Aerys through her daily Love Fest quests, and then ran her back to the lab to finish her next session. Boom on last stage of her Dalyrake, of course.

Busy day so, logging, will try again later, but expect it will be tomorrow morning before I can log in for any length of time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 30: LOVE FEST!

Logged in: ULF is level 79! Four levels afking last night. Might even get him to 90 before the end of the weekend!

Aerys flipped her incubator, and all the processors: started another 20. Bottlenecked by a need for Cs: will have to check vendors tomorrow to see if I can buy some raws: even low ones would help: we have processed 19 and 20 pt elements to balance out a 13 or 14 C. Will ask Hoggle to bring in some more raws: we need them if I'ma keep on producing all these 20s.

Switched over to Lifa, but she had 45 minutes left on her incu, and none of the others have ready sessions, so back to Aerys to run to Tyrena and do the Love Fest starter quests. Actually got all but one done (found Kyoopid, but hadn't the supplies on hand to get his reward. Rarg.) Need to run the maintenance quests every day to get enough hearts to buy wings and other deco.

I love the silly events they added to the game to focus on different holidays and things. It helped get in the modd to enjoy the RL holidays, and some of the quests were just silly and brilliant. Love Fest is fun. I am okay with having to run dailies for the next few weeks while I amass enough Chak hearts to buy all the wings and things I want for Aerys. Will prolly do them on Soulei too, if there's an XP reward.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 29: Citizenship and Clothing

Was able to flip processors before my day got seriously underway, then was able to log back in for a couple hours in the evening.

The big achievement for the day was getting zoning in Exile Labs and getting all four toons dropped there. That kinda sucked up the rest of my play session, however, as I had to start moving vendors off and over and things,. and get the other houses lifted.

Also got some Clothing factories down, and three schematics loaded, so the Secret Crafter can start making clothes soon. that's going to be awesomesauce, as I miss dressing well on all my toons. Osho really is a terribly dressed Wookiee (who apparently can't drive) as he kept running over the Mayor, AccameI when he was trying to get Zoning permissions.

Got the hour warning as I was clearing Osho's vendors, got them done and the Rest moved up into the city, and got half of the Secret Crafter's cleared before I had to log. She had a vendor disappear on her while I was setting up too: lost a few minutes to confusion there.

Ran some of my sessions: no boom on third stage of the panther, Aerys had some time left on her incus, I had an inventory issue with the Dewback isos, but it was resolved when the server reset.

Got Aerys set up to grind while I moved the last of the vendor stuff off and even did a squinch of deco on the Secret Crafter's merchant tent. (Note to self: I need rugs! My floors look so bare!)

Processing has been disappointing: as many 19s as 20s. That's alright, I guess, can use them for mutation attempts, and the lower grade pets aren't selling poorly. No booms on anybody today. Flipped Osho's incu just before logging for the night. Soulei still has 12 hours left on her sessions.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 28: Stress Tests

Logged in on Secret Crafter to flip processors and start that capped Sand Panther for Crossfire: if he opts to buy or trade with me, I'd like to have the egg ready.

2 hours till Osho's incubator is ready, giving me time to do some foraging on Aerys, as I need a few more teal lyases for the Squills.

Switched to Soulei: if Osho's incubators aren't ready, neither are hers. Running more of Legacy and getting thoroughly turned around in Jabba's Palace. I never got to know it all thatw ell before the game was gone, so I am not as comfortable with that labyrinth of stairs and doors and such.

Then an annuncement popped up to help stress test the server before they started the Love Fest stuff: so cool! Popped back to Aerys to run over there, and then brought Osho in, too. It was great! Actually chatted with Tomo, and showed off ULF, and made some new connections for the pets. It was fun hanging about killing spawns and helping however I could. I think Ash was running the stress test, which was neat to see, too. I will have to check in with him on FB and find out what his toons are called, not that I expect he has much time on them.

After that, I ran Treasure Maps on Aerys: no really awesome loots, but it was fun, and when you get those 60 minute warnings, what else ya gonna do? :) I really need to run to tat and get CuPa and dewie DNA, and Endor for Jax and Borgle. Mamiens make Grauls, right? Hmmm.

Crap, Darasuum Tome has lost their shuttleport, which will make popping to the grind spot a bit more heinous. Hope I can get the Piggie levlled up sooner rather than later.

And FINALLY got my Discord sorted out, after wasting over an hour trying to get it working on the computer, i just downloaded the app and used it on my phone. New friends, and old familiar voices are always cool.

One they had me in voice, Hoggle had to take me on a tour of some awesome labs and set ups on Lok, and Oko brought me to his place on Dant, which was pretty groovy: he's done some deco stuff I absolutely adored, and will definitely be stealing. Same with Hokkeygod's Hangar lab set up. So nice!

Also, at some point, I sold one of the Chubas for 4.8 mill and the Dalyrake for 6.5, so Osho is loaded. Will definitely be spending that pretty quickly. I have some inventory maintenance to do: going to bag up and vend-store the Engineer, Smuggler and Ent looted schematics until such time as I have the profs on hand. Will clear quite a bit of space in the Shop.

Set up Aerys to AFK overnight, piggie is level 66, hope to get him a bit further along.

The day started slow, but finished with fun. It was truly wonderful to be able to talk to my friends again! Finally starting to feel like I am settling in.

Also, I talk too much. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 27: Sick and Server Issues

Logged Aerys is and server is just now shutting down. Could only log on long enough to dump inventory and flip processors, and then couldn't log back in at all.

Frustrating for me because I have uninterrupted access to the computer, but I guess it's okay as I am so sick. I really need sleep.

Logged back in long enough to get Soulei through the Borvo the Hutt milk runs to get the Darklighter gun back, then crashed. Definitely feeling this sinus grossness!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 26: Hydro Hunting

Logged in at AGH am, got the alts incus flipped, except for the Secret Crafter, as I am moving her into Hoggle's lab and switching Soulei out. Doesn't make sense to have the lowest grade pet crafter working in the lab city: her sessions take 24 hours regardless. Got a pointless boom on third stage of Dewback mount, no other results. Started and scrubbed a Squill on Osho: no point in running through full sessions on a fugly beast that needs all three mutations to be pretty. But I have lots of the DNA from the Squill cave portion of Legacy. Need CuPa DNA, for mutant mounts, amongst others.

Popped onto Aerys, who is still in the Krayt Graveyard. Spot a lone darkside Jedi up on the hill, as soon as he was done his kill, I asked for an invite, told him I just needed hydros. Yay! And now this felt more familiar. How many days did Chase' and I hunt Krayts for hours, just the two of us, 'Mando and Medic and our uber beasts, running them bad boys down? So yeah, guiltfree extractions, and then a ten minute warning on server shut down. /sigh. Ah well, I only have room for maybe 30 more items in my inventory.

Will pop back onto her as soon as the server is back up, see if I can run with Crossfire some more, as it'd be great to load up with hydros. Starting to feel like I can actually contribute materially to the lab.

Yup, yay! Filled my inventory then ran off to process some. Also ran second session on the Dalyrake, no booms. And no 19 pt hydro to do last session with. Meh. Will be staying in touch with Crossfire: he was cool.

Dant grind group was full up, so I just straight logged. Tired and should try to sleep.

Logging in, it's early afternoon and I am well rested, so that's good. Flipping processors first, then going to get Aerys grinding, and spend some time on Soulei leveling her through the next parts of Legacy.

Could not log in at all after. :(

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 25: Krayting with a Cold

Afked all night: lil Piggie was level 39! Good stuff!

Flipped to all of the alts and ran the incubators. No booms. Started a Dalyrake on Aerys.

Set up to run Aerys afk and get the Piggie a little further along.

When I came back to the keys, Piggie was level 61! That's pretty quick progress.

Then His Senatorialness pinged me and said they were going Krayting, so I ran along, dumped my load off and then headed to the Krayt Graveyard. It was so cool! Such powerful hitters pounding away, Ancient and Grand: dragon after dragon downed, almost faster than we could extract. He got 130, I got 20 or so before the server went down for a reset. I will see if the group is still up and running when I get back into game.

Hoggle said he had a dream to fill a house with 1200 hydros. I love it. I love being able to have ridiculous ideas like that.

Crashed instead of logging back in: this cold is unpleasant, to say the least. I have a sinus thing. It's gross.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 24: Illness

Aerys grinding, Logged in the Secret Crafter to work on resources and schematics, drop a harvestor, all that stuff. Started a schem for Bantha Butter, so I can make all the pet foods.

Ran treasure maps on Aerys for a while, then foraged for Lyases with the Piggie's help: holy fack! Five 11s in less than 20 mins. that's crazy!

No boom on third stage of either chuba, but both will be pretty good pets for someone. Wonder what I'll make next?

A bit of inventory maintenace goes a long way.

Then set up to afk in Darasuum with a good group. Kai is level 89, so it won't take too long, and then I can switch to the piggie. :)

Played lots but it was mostly repetitive stuff. I am coming down with a sinus cold: it's not good.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 23: Treasures and Targets

Bit of a wait on the server, so I did some blog maintenance. have found my old photobucket account, so soon I hope I'll be able to illustrate the blogs.

When I could log in, had to get the Fambaa formultaed and out of the incubator, so His Senatorissimus could deliver it to his client. Not sure what to start next, so dug about and found the truffle Pig collection items Hoggle had grabbed for me and got my Truffle pig cube. Super happy for that, but ah god I have to level up the piggie and get his specials so he is not a big old target to forage worms and thugs. Can't afk forage with him till I have that.

Started a Chuba with Aerys, a Dalyrake with Osho, that buckethead Dewie with Soulei, and another Chuba with the Secret Crafter. No booms anywhere. Meh.

Osho had sold a 52 pt Chuba, but the fellow had accedientally made it into a holopet. So I tossed the one the Secret Crafter made onto the vendor for him, and later realised I could trade him straight across for the holobeast cube. So I sent him a message (saw him in Eisley, and the thoughts just kinda occurred to me all at once) and offered to trade the egg for the cube. He was keen (and broke, so no wonder), so I made a friend there.

Ran Treasure Maps for an hour, got some decent loots, (more gems, yay!), but also struggled through that targeting issue that plagued me and of course I had forgotten Hoggle's advice (Y is the autotarget toggle, by default) but solved the problem myself, which felt great. NoobDoc ftw, for reals!

Now I need to find the holoprojector quest or schem or w/e. Whee!

Set Aerys to afk forage with the Kai guarding her. Hope to get her logged in to afkgrind the piggie tonight. Gotta go work on RL stuff for a while.


And now I have the whole evening to play! Tested the Truffle Pig special: boy howdy, that's a lotta lyases. Of course, most of them are crap, but since I will be doing quite a bit of mutateable mounts, no reason not to hang onto some of them. The rest I am deleting, and not feeling much regret.

Opted to head to Dearic to see if I could recall that spider bunker's location. I was not far off, as it happens! While driving out there I recalled the first PvP kill I had in the general game: it was during a rebel defense of Dearic, or rather, just after. I was heading somewhere, and a big old red dot showed up on my radar: was an Overt Imperial Jedi. I saw her coming, prepped my buffs and pups and picked the right pet carefully, so Uba and I absolutely slaughtered the poor thing! It was hard, but so rewarding! Happened right about where that spider bunker is, which is why I was reminded of it.

Puttered about there for maybe half an hour: did not get Wind Buffet 5, but did learn a couple lower grade specials, and got a decent sample from one of the arachnes, to try for a Rancor.

Then did some shopping, found a few collectables I wanted, and some of those Bantha Statues (which I cannot recall how one gets those: there are actually quite a few things I need to research: Art Crates, Painting Schems, and whether epic loot crates are even in this version of the game. There were some amazing prizes in those! Anywho, needs must do some research.) Picked up some of my purchases in Eisley, then ran around the perimeter of the city for an hour or so, using the Boar Wolfcale to kill Rills for the collection. Got about 1/3 of the collection done, and got ULF to level 9.

He won't take long to get up to a competitive level, and then I will likely spend most nights I can foraging afk for Lyases. Won't that be fun! At least I can log in more than one toon at a time, so I don't have to waste time while grinding.

After Eisley, the rest of the things I bought were on Lok, so I ran there and thought, ya know, I should pop into Nym's and get started on that Theme Park. Hah! I had forgotten how to get in, so ended up starting the Swoop Race instead, and once on it, remembered it is the longest damned one in the Galaxy. But since I was already half way there, and there are a few POIs on the route, meh, stuck it out and got the record (like 20 minutes?) because who the hell else in their right mind runs that long a course!? I had completely forgotten about the labyrinth, and I was never very good at them! I recall grinding Gurks with Jedi XP groups, back in the day, and then post-NGE camping the Gurk King spawn for some armour or weapons component he dropped. I remember jumping on the Kimogilas in Kimotown to extract for Hydros, since we were there. And I remembered how awesome the music was, how deep and melancholy. Interesting choice for that world.

So when I got back from that little excursion, I remembered how to find my way in to Nym's and started the Theme Park, but after having flown over half of Lok in my Flash Speeder, I opted not to go much further on it, tonight.

I had bought 8 maps on Lok, so I checked them and went back to Talus to flip processors and run them. Had 20 minutes till my incubator was ready, so wth, right? It was great: I really like doing them. And my Kai Tok, damn! Awesome beast: I incapped a couple of times and he tanked two Jedi while I recovered, and while it was close, he is not yet level 90, and has no rank 5 specials! He's a BEAST! (especially when I remember to trigger his specials to autofire...)

Got some fun loots, more collections and such, which is awesome (I love those shiny gem collections!) Couple of Premium pearls, which I will list on Aerys, for spending money. None of the really awesome jewelry or schematic loots this time, but meh, I enjoy running the things! Looking forward to an inexhaustible supply of maps, once we get foraging for real.

I should have logged over to Soulei and done more grinding but mrg, the Legacy quest is a slog at times. So stayed on Aerys, headed back to Exile and flipped my incubator: BOOM, on second session of a Chuba, so there's a chance at a Chubafly tomorrow. Built a kit with some really nice enzymes in it: here's hoping! So excited!

Have six maps for Dant, so I ran there to do them really quick, before planning to join the grind group. Got the hour warning just as I hit Dant, so did the maps and then ran down to Darasuum and got in the group, just before the server shut down. Kai Tok made it to level 86. If I can get back in before I crash tonight, I can hope he'll be that much further along tomorrow.

Logged in the Secret Crafter and got some schematics used up: Oshorym's workshop was getting crowded. She needed polymer for some of the schematics, so I popped over to her harvie and grabbed what was there. No energy, so it's not actually harvesting right now. She also needs Fruits for some of the schems and wood for the others, so I will be sampling up some of those as well in the morning.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 22: Crafting and Questing

Flipped processors, then did last session on the Armour specced Fambaa for His (now-official) Senatorialness, then switched to Osho, flipped his incubator (no boom on third stage of app-mutated mid grade Chuba), then over to the Secret Crafter, who can now run short incu sessions, since she's level 90, so yay!) No boom on second stage of deco statted Chuba for her. I will probably scrub it and start fresh tomorrow, since I only used raw hydros.

Then switched her harvie over to polymer, since she has none, and needs it. Got 200 units in a minute or two, and made 20 backpacks. I have been feeling the lack of such when I am trying to stay on top of the inventory control, so this was badly needed.

Then popped onto Soulei, to get her through the last stage of the particular leg of Legacy she is on, which was made a tonne easier by having all object names toggled ON. She's on to slaughter Sennex. Since she dinged to 24, they are *barely* high enough level for her to get xp for, but the kitty is doing well there.

Did grab DNA on the various kill spawns the quest has: and for shiggles extracted from a grey-conning Stormtrooper Dewback: 89% sample! score! :) Even if it doesn't mutate, that's a total score as a combat beast! (If it keeps the name: not sure it will...I seem to recall they don't... ah well).

Got those quests done, but was falling asleep at the keys midway through, so I logged.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 21: Getting Unstuck

Logged Aerys in to flip processors and run second session on the Armour statted Fambaa: a thought there: after a LOT of testing back in the Day, it was pretty clear that regardless of your prof or proposed uses for your pet, DPS was the way to go. Their armour does not absorb enough to justify the damage-dealing you sacrifice by speccing for armour when cooking, especially in light of the fact that beasts have no protection from elemental attacks or energy: their armour is strictly kinetic. I will be encouraging Hoggle to encourage his clients to spec for Damage every time, and explain that this may be something we need to address for pets in the future.

Switched to Osho, but he still had 15 minutes on his incubator, so switched to the secret crafter, recycled a bunch of materials with the recyclers Aerys picked up yesterday, and then ran her to Eisley for an XP buff. Got her home and just ground it OUT! An hour and twenty minutes and some repetitive stress injury from clicking, and she is level 90. Yay! Ran her back to Eisley to change her to Domestics: yay, clothes, soon!

Saw a familiar face in Eisley while I was there. tomo Aedon. I recall him as being a Master Jedi and a trader in higher end items: so cool to be seeing familiar names and faces in random places. :)

Had to run off, so set Aerys to AFK Foraging.

Came back to the keys and she'd been logged off by server reset, but had found 2 11s and 8 Treasure Maps, so yay.

Finally got a Discord account and got myself sort of set up there: will definitely need more time to familiarise myself with that program, but was so good to hear my friends' voices while playing again. I got into a group with okoral, and ran to Mustafar to try for some Rank 5 beast specials. Didn't get any, but did get and finish the Map of Mustafar noob quest, and had some fun in a combat group. He read my group chat comments to the five or six friends and new friends in Discord chat (Hoggle's guild chat).

Soulei has been stuck on one aspect of Jabba's part of Legacy for a couple days, which has sucked, but Okoral gave me some guidance: NoobDoc ftw: turn on All Object names when looking for random quest clickables. It's good pet XP, anyway: Soulei is level 23 and the Kitty is level 18.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 20: Moar Pet Grindage

Logged on Aerys, got the Boar Wolfcale egg out of the incubator, but I kinda want to save the hatch for when Hoggle can be there. Ran to get DNA for the order Hoggle asked me to make (Armour specced fambaa for one of his clients, as he appears to be having trouble logging his beast crafter into game).

Maintenanced machines, harvestors, incubator sessions, etc, then opted to go shopping on Aerys: we need recyclers and I'd like to dump all the recycler part loots I have been colecting. recyclers were less than 400k on the Bazaar, so it just makes more sense to buy one of each and get rid of the over 100 items clogging Osho's crafting house. Grabbed a grind kit for the Secret Crafter as well: hopefully I can get her levelled soon, as I really want some new clothes, and I desperately need some back packs to help with the sorting of inventory.

After dropping off the purchases, took her to the grind spot. Only 5 levels on the Kai to go, which is good as I now have the Piggie to grind up too. Kai needs his rank 5 specials, so I will have to research that: thank Ztez for SWGpets.com: so very glad that site is still live. I should throw some funds at him, as soon as I can.

Day 19: Brief Booming

As I popped in to the server, saw a fellow by the Cantina in Exile, then pop, no Cantina. Not sure what happened there, but will likely send a message to the Mayor soon to ask for zoning to declare residence of at least a couple toons in his city.

Got a boom on the Roba, yay, that gives me a chance at Boar Wolfcale, with a session left. Prepped the highest materials we had to hand, just in case. Oh god, Hoggle *is* going to hate me if it booms.

No boom on the Chuba, but just doesn't feel right to ditch a pet with processed hydros in it: someone will want it, I hope. So many resources in a pet...

Was getting a weird bug on the processors: elements were not slotting into them, so switched off Osho and back to Aerys to see if I could make it work, but it still bugged, with only a few minutes left before server shut down. So I foraged for lyases, then logged for the day.

Popped back in just before bed to flip Aerys' incu and whaddaya know, BOOM, baby! Got the Boar Wolfcale! So excite!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 18: Uber Chubas and Albatrosses

Logged in before work, to flip processors, as Hoggle had let me know he had two droids at capacity with harvested hydros, so lots of processing still to do. It remains a weirdly satisfying part of the game for me.

Scrubbed Aerys jax, as I'd fudged the settings for the hydros, and it hadn't boomed regardless. Threw in the other Roba DNA with a 19 point hydro, got no boom, so meh. I have not done enough experiemnets to say, and considering how high mutation chance was at the close of game, I expect I have a bent perspective, but it feels like even with maxed chances, mutation chance is lower than even before the sunset announcement. It feels a bit like it did combo hunting on TC with Huntsya and -Fatboy-. I am not religiously tracking my attempts: wondering if I should maybe start?

Scrubbed Osho's Panther too: not enough green lyases or isos about. Will need to build up stocks of higher grde green and purple lyases and all colours of isos, so I stop raiding Hoggle's stores quite so much. Tend to get decent isos from mission terminal missions, so may make that a higher priority moving forward.

Decided I really want a Chubafly, Feathered Slice Hound and CoHenpa, so will be hunting for Chuba, Slice Hounds and Cupas. Corellian Slice Hounds are a random spawn (can't find them on mission terminals) but the Corellian butterfly, which also mutates into Chubafly *and* has different colours needed for mutation than Chuba *is* on terminals, so I will see about picking up some missions for that DNA.

Anywho, with that idea in mind, and a half hour left before restart, I opted to pop over to Naboo and maybe pick up some Chuba DNA off the low level wild spawns on the outskirts of Theed. Imagine my surprise when I could not find a single froggie! Fambaas and Pek pekos, and the Nightspiders that I vaguely recall are part of the Naboo portion of the Legacy quest, but no Chubas! So I sped off, popped over to a likely looking player city, and picked up a pair of missions for Chubas.

First lair did not net me a particularly good DNA, and while I was waiting for the lair to pop the next spawn (each lair gives three spawns: you can trigger the next spawns by attacking the lair, then attacking it again and taking it down to half health or lower: so one lair can give a solo player 6-9 chances for DNA) I spotted a Peko Peko Albatross, a big beautiful gold level elite. While I have no extractors, it was worth a shot to see if my level 78 Kai Tok and I were tough enough. Short story? Not quite. And as a gold elite mob, it kills instead of incapping. Whee!

So ten minutes to spare, I clone nearby and run out to finish my lairs and grab all the DNA I can. (I am also grabbing decent isos and harvesting meat, in an attempt to work on the creature harvesting collections, so I can get my Truffle Pig special ability the sooner. Got one collection piece in 15 harvests, so not bad). Managed to take down the lair and get my credit rewards just as I got my 30 second warning. Timing, man, it's everything.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 18 Part 2: Groups and Grinds, Grumpiness

I probably have two hours to play before I have to be social, so I flipped the processors, then switched to Aerys to get her set up for the grind. And the grind group is full. /pout. The server hour warning pops up, to cap my frustration.

 So I switched over to Soulei to see how far I could get her in that hour: the answer, not very far.

I did the Valarian bit, then ran to the Darklighter cave, to start the next part (which is pretty much the first hard thing in the Legacy quest: it's timed, and the mobs are just that bit tough, at level 14 and 15. So, I died. Cloned to Anchorhead and decided to switch back to Aerys.

Started foraging for Lyases and was quickly reminded why we should only forage for Lyases on Lok and Talus.NoobDoc moment: rare components are on every planet except Lok and Talus. so, yeah. did that for a bit, then popped over to Lok. The middle kiddle wants a bird for his first combat pet, so I may as well see about grabbing some Flit DNA while I forage. Unfortunately most of the mobs are just that little bit too low a level to benefit the Kai Tok, other than making her happy. Got three good samples and 2 11s, so that was actually productive.

So there's an interesting thought. I feel a need to spend my time in game wisely, as I share a system with both my sons, and  do not always have the access to play when and as I'd like. But I also have to watch how long I spent playing day to day, as it's an easy addiction to fall back into. Since the blogging is really helping my creative juices flow: I'm writing more than I have in years, which is very good for me.

Logged back in as soon as the server came back up, dumped inventory in the riverside labs, and then headed to Dant to see if there was room in the group: and there was! Got in and got grinding.

Had a lovely chat with a fellow in the group, then we both went afk, and I switched over to Soulei to grind up the pet. Hills around Bestine have some nice low level spawns, so I set up the petgrind macro there. Lil Kitty is getting big, fast. /beam

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 17: Splits and Slaying Dark Jedi

Logging back in after server reset, getting pretty set into the habit of flipping processors and running incubators, although it's 18 hours on Osho and marginally better at 14 hours on Aerys, so it's still only one session a day, which is aggravating. I barely recall sessions taking a day. Spoiled, that's what those of us who played through the sunset are. At any rate, I had an hour to wait on Aerys.

Did a lil shopping: picked up a house for Soulei and some supps for the KaiTok. The supps were located in Mos Krayt, a town just in the hills of where Mos Vegas was on Starsider. There is a tat hospital behind the shuttleport that someone has done a lab up in, and man I am jealous. I loved my lab and processing center hospital.

Popped Aerys back to the grind spot and went to bed, leaving her and the Kai killing Kungas.

When I woke up, the kai had made it to level 77, which is great! that's 5 levels with supps and 2 without. There are no Mark II supps on the market for his type, so we will be doing the slow grind from here.

Flipped Osho's Panther: no boom. /sigh. Switched to Soulei and set her up to AFK pet grind on the hill above the Valarian outpost, where she is parked to continue Legacy when I have a couple hours to play (likely not for a few days). Logged Osho in while that was testing to flip processors: no Cs from the 5 I split in my lab and only 4 from the ones in Hoggle's lab. The splits are one of the more annoying gates in the game, because each processing consumable takes so much resources, and to not be able to guarantee the splits, we waste so much of the elements, waiting until we get a better split. We were starting a trades thing on the old BM forums: I will talk to Hoggle and see how he feels about trying to set up the same thing on Omega.

The Secret Crafter got no boom, and while I was doing all of that, I got the 60 minute warning for a server reset. So logged on to Aerys and opted to run some Treasure Maps to kill that time. Yay, shiny loots! Each chest yields up about 5 loots, and one or two are pretty cool. I am doing all the gem collections on Aerys, because shiny! Hoggle needs BH armour bits, so I am giving him the bits he needs, and then some of the stuff I just threw on the market (with a teensy modicum of market research first -  I got a Flawless Ancient Krayt pearl, there were none on the open market and those listed on vendors were 19 mill and up. So I threw it on the open market for 10 mill.)

Threw all the pearls up: had a Premium and two Selects; and an Astromech Server terminal, and a couple of those non-heroic bracelets that people were just getting into. In the end, I listed a total of about 20 mill worth of goods. Hope they sell: creds are always useful. The fun and loots return even on solo Treasure Maps is pretty good: I will have to make sure we are saving them from the Lyase forage runs, when we get on doing those.

AFK logged and went to pick up the youngest from rehearsal. A really good day, overall.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 16: Leveling and Legacy

Newly armed with my knowledge about multi-logins, I tossed Aerys out at the pet grind spot and got in group right away, which was super awesome and cool. Kai Tok was level 61, so making progress. Be good to have her up and dangerous. Soon.

Switched over to Secret Crafter and got some harvestors down so she can wiggle up her own resources. I am pretty much out of the recycled steel Hoggle and Okoral geave me, so I will be needing more like now-ish. Cannot really progress meaningfully on SC till I have that stuff on hand.

Flipped pets, started a Panther on Osho, no boom: meh. Got SC up high enough to start an incubation session: same result from the last of the Dewie DNA. I will have to get more, and some CuPa soon, too.

So, with Aerys and the Kai happily grinding away, I opted to get my second toon off Tansarrii station. I had forgotten what a slog that station was, so best intentions of doing every quest got sidelined, and I jumped ship at level 7. Hit Eisley, immediately got the speeder quest (more for the vehicle customisation kit that for the speeder, as I pulled a Flash Speeder out of thin air to do the quests.

Ran the start of Legacy till I was level 10, threw the expertise points into BM right away, and ran home and got the lil Jax that Aerys made. Hatched it, brought it to Tat to continue questing and of course, it hates Tat. Doesn't care about killing critters or NPCs either. smrf. Well, Ill figure her out eventually. :)

I bounced Aerys back to Talus to strip inventory and run an experiemntation session on kima DNA, (no boom) then spent a half hour foraging for lyases while chatting on the phone with my sister, the which we do not do nearly often enough, so that was nice. Then I figured I should run Aerys up to the old grind spots Chase' and I hung out at. Got there to find all the mobs are factional, and since I have done no insurgent activities, the conned grey to me. NoobDoc moment of the day! Dood. How dumb am I? So flew her back to Dant, set up at the Kungas. I had even forgotten until the moment of typing all this down exactly how one goes about getting factional status. So, pretty soon, I will run off to a base and talk to a recruiter. Maybe as a reward for getting the Kai to level 90? I don't know that I want to wait that long, seeing as I have no Mark II stims... I should maybe see if there are any on the market before I launch back into the grind overnight tonight.

Left Aerys grinding and went to do RL things for a while (making dinner and playing with my dog), then sat back at the keys just in time to get the 1 hour server shut down warning. Ah well: how far can an experienced player get in the Legacy quest in an hour? Six levels, apparently. Got the Jax to level 7, have visited Anchorhead, Toschi Station and the old lars homestead. Had a weird deja vu running around Anchorhead: Chase and I did some stuff there back in the day, I can't recall what. Might have just been the Darklighter quests stuff, or some basic Rebel things. Dunno, but definitely had the "this place is familiar" feeling. I expect I will have the same weird sense when I finally get to Jabba's Palace, too.

Oh, and cuz I am smart, I also got Soulei through the three parts of the Collector's Quests, so she can do all those random collections as we go along. She looted some Tusken quest items and I was reminded of my first feeling when the Collections content was added to the game: so many cool deco options now. I never got to explore even half of them back in the day, so I am looking forward to having some cool deco-ed spaces, when I am playing here.

So enjoying the game. Even the parts that should be boring or a chore are delightful for me. Maybe I appreciate it more since it was taken away so precipitously.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 15 Log-ins and Lolli is a Noob Moments

Logged in very briefly to run third session on Hoggle's client's Perlek, but when I tried to switch over to Osho I couldn't log back in. This has been ongoing all day. There was a note on the forums regarding issues they were trying to fix, and now a new one commenting this is going on at several locations, so I feel less bad, but as this is the start of a whole weekend I can actually play for a larger bit of time.

Most of the day lost to log in issues, which makes me sad, but there was little I could do about it. Did get a bit of foraging done, and finished off the Perlek for Hoggle's customer, then managed to get into a grind group and Hoggle showed up, so that was awesome. As the Kai has leveled up I feel more capable on her, and hopefully will get to run hydros soon.

Hoggle then told me something amazing: you can log in multiple toons on the same account at a time. I mean, WHAT!? so I was over the moon that I would not have to decide between leveling Soulei or grinding my secret crafter and levelling Aerys' pet. This information would have come in super hand a couple weeks ago. A well, whatever. my NoobDoc moment of the weekend. :)

When I was able to come back to the keys, I had the same login issue, so was unable to get back on to work on the Kai. Frustrating, as it was a waste of a perfect grind time: with the kid away I can use his cool system with no issues.

So crashing offline, with big plans for Saturday!