Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 22: Crafting and Questing

Flipped processors, then did last session on the Armour specced Fambaa for His (now-official) Senatorialness, then switched to Osho, flipped his incubator (no boom on third stage of app-mutated mid grade Chuba), then over to the Secret Crafter, who can now run short incu sessions, since she's level 90, so yay!) No boom on second stage of deco statted Chuba for her. I will probably scrub it and start fresh tomorrow, since I only used raw hydros.

Then switched her harvie over to polymer, since she has none, and needs it. Got 200 units in a minute or two, and made 20 backpacks. I have been feeling the lack of such when I am trying to stay on top of the inventory control, so this was badly needed.

Then popped onto Soulei, to get her through the last stage of the particular leg of Legacy she is on, which was made a tonne easier by having all object names toggled ON. She's on to slaughter Sennex. Since she dinged to 24, they are *barely* high enough level for her to get xp for, but the kitty is doing well there.

Did grab DNA on the various kill spawns the quest has: and for shiggles extracted from a grey-conning Stormtrooper Dewback: 89% sample! score! :) Even if it doesn't mutate, that's a total score as a combat beast! (If it keeps the name: not sure it will...I seem to recall they don't... ah well).

Got those quests done, but was falling asleep at the keys midway through, so I logged.

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