Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 37: Queries about Quirks

My incubator bugged up on me this morning. It took the session, used my enzymes, triggered the timer but showed stage 1. I will try again tonight and see if I get a second stage or if it reverts back again. will screenie it, just in case it bugs, as I get nothing back from a bug report without a visual log. Processed hydros are way expensive to waste on this kinda thing.

I processed a few things, picked up a couple CuPa missions on Tat, then ran around to a few vendors and picked up isos: in particular we need greens, especially as I'm going to be running CuPas for the next couple of days. (There's a mount Race event happening this weekend, which I won't be about for, but would like to have a few mounts on vendors for it.) Osho had a first stage hit on the first one started, so I will process up for Mutagen and get some heavy mutagen hydros to try for a couple mutant mounts. I loved my Cohenpa on live, so would love to have him back.

Todays NoobDoc moment was when Hoggle reminded me that /locate is how you find lost structures. So glad he told me that. I've prolly already lost a couple harvies due to not being able to recall that command. :P

Did get a third stage boom on Hoggle's Jundak. (Of course: shoulda been trying for the Spined Rancor or Mutant Acklay!) Statistics wise, I ran my numbers again, and I am now 19 mutation events in 90 sessions, which is a marginally more reasonable 20% chance. We will have to see how long that lasts. I wouldn't call what I do maximising chances though. In a year, I may have enough data on all the toons to state what percentages I am actually at. It's tempting, but also misleading to be calculating an accurate ratio before I have amassed enough data.

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