Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 23: Treasures and Targets

Bit of a wait on the server, so I did some blog maintenance. have found my old photobucket account, so soon I hope I'll be able to illustrate the blogs.

When I could log in, had to get the Fambaa formultaed and out of the incubator, so His Senatorissimus could deliver it to his client. Not sure what to start next, so dug about and found the truffle Pig collection items Hoggle had grabbed for me and got my Truffle pig cube. Super happy for that, but ah god I have to level up the piggie and get his specials so he is not a big old target to forage worms and thugs. Can't afk forage with him till I have that.

Started a Chuba with Aerys, a Dalyrake with Osho, that buckethead Dewie with Soulei, and another Chuba with the Secret Crafter. No booms anywhere. Meh.

Osho had sold a 52 pt Chuba, but the fellow had accedientally made it into a holopet. So I tossed the one the Secret Crafter made onto the vendor for him, and later realised I could trade him straight across for the holobeast cube. So I sent him a message (saw him in Eisley, and the thoughts just kinda occurred to me all at once) and offered to trade the egg for the cube. He was keen (and broke, so no wonder), so I made a friend there.

Ran Treasure Maps for an hour, got some decent loots, (more gems, yay!), but also struggled through that targeting issue that plagued me and of course I had forgotten Hoggle's advice (Y is the autotarget toggle, by default) but solved the problem myself, which felt great. NoobDoc ftw, for reals!

Now I need to find the holoprojector quest or schem or w/e. Whee!

Set Aerys to afk forage with the Kai guarding her. Hope to get her logged in to afkgrind the piggie tonight. Gotta go work on RL stuff for a while.


And now I have the whole evening to play! Tested the Truffle Pig special: boy howdy, that's a lotta lyases. Of course, most of them are crap, but since I will be doing quite a bit of mutateable mounts, no reason not to hang onto some of them. The rest I am deleting, and not feeling much regret.

Opted to head to Dearic to see if I could recall that spider bunker's location. I was not far off, as it happens! While driving out there I recalled the first PvP kill I had in the general game: it was during a rebel defense of Dearic, or rather, just after. I was heading somewhere, and a big old red dot showed up on my radar: was an Overt Imperial Jedi. I saw her coming, prepped my buffs and pups and picked the right pet carefully, so Uba and I absolutely slaughtered the poor thing! It was hard, but so rewarding! Happened right about where that spider bunker is, which is why I was reminded of it.

Puttered about there for maybe half an hour: did not get Wind Buffet 5, but did learn a couple lower grade specials, and got a decent sample from one of the arachnes, to try for a Rancor.

Then did some shopping, found a few collectables I wanted, and some of those Bantha Statues (which I cannot recall how one gets those: there are actually quite a few things I need to research: Art Crates, Painting Schems, and whether epic loot crates are even in this version of the game. There were some amazing prizes in those! Anywho, needs must do some research.) Picked up some of my purchases in Eisley, then ran around the perimeter of the city for an hour or so, using the Boar Wolfcale to kill Rills for the collection. Got about 1/3 of the collection done, and got ULF to level 9.

He won't take long to get up to a competitive level, and then I will likely spend most nights I can foraging afk for Lyases. Won't that be fun! At least I can log in more than one toon at a time, so I don't have to waste time while grinding.

After Eisley, the rest of the things I bought were on Lok, so I ran there and thought, ya know, I should pop into Nym's and get started on that Theme Park. Hah! I had forgotten how to get in, so ended up starting the Swoop Race instead, and once on it, remembered it is the longest damned one in the Galaxy. But since I was already half way there, and there are a few POIs on the route, meh, stuck it out and got the record (like 20 minutes?) because who the hell else in their right mind runs that long a course!? I had completely forgotten about the labyrinth, and I was never very good at them! I recall grinding Gurks with Jedi XP groups, back in the day, and then post-NGE camping the Gurk King spawn for some armour or weapons component he dropped. I remember jumping on the Kimogilas in Kimotown to extract for Hydros, since we were there. And I remembered how awesome the music was, how deep and melancholy. Interesting choice for that world.

So when I got back from that little excursion, I remembered how to find my way in to Nym's and started the Theme Park, but after having flown over half of Lok in my Flash Speeder, I opted not to go much further on it, tonight.

I had bought 8 maps on Lok, so I checked them and went back to Talus to flip processors and run them. Had 20 minutes till my incubator was ready, so wth, right? It was great: I really like doing them. And my Kai Tok, damn! Awesome beast: I incapped a couple of times and he tanked two Jedi while I recovered, and while it was close, he is not yet level 90, and has no rank 5 specials! He's a BEAST! (especially when I remember to trigger his specials to autofire...)

Got some fun loots, more collections and such, which is awesome (I love those shiny gem collections!) Couple of Premium pearls, which I will list on Aerys, for spending money. None of the really awesome jewelry or schematic loots this time, but meh, I enjoy running the things! Looking forward to an inexhaustible supply of maps, once we get foraging for real.

I should have logged over to Soulei and done more grinding but mrg, the Legacy quest is a slog at times. So stayed on Aerys, headed back to Exile and flipped my incubator: BOOM, on second session of a Chuba, so there's a chance at a Chubafly tomorrow. Built a kit with some really nice enzymes in it: here's hoping! So excited!

Have six maps for Dant, so I ran there to do them really quick, before planning to join the grind group. Got the hour warning just as I hit Dant, so did the maps and then ran down to Darasuum and got in the group, just before the server shut down. Kai Tok made it to level 86. If I can get back in before I crash tonight, I can hope he'll be that much further along tomorrow.

Logged in the Secret Crafter and got some schematics used up: Oshorym's workshop was getting crowded. She needed polymer for some of the schematics, so I popped over to her harvie and grabbed what was there. No energy, so it's not actually harvesting right now. She also needs Fruits for some of the schems and wood for the others, so I will be sampling up some of those as well in the morning.

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