Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 21: Getting Unstuck

Logged Aerys in to flip processors and run second session on the Armour statted Fambaa: a thought there: after a LOT of testing back in the Day, it was pretty clear that regardless of your prof or proposed uses for your pet, DPS was the way to go. Their armour does not absorb enough to justify the damage-dealing you sacrifice by speccing for armour when cooking, especially in light of the fact that beasts have no protection from elemental attacks or energy: their armour is strictly kinetic. I will be encouraging Hoggle to encourage his clients to spec for Damage every time, and explain that this may be something we need to address for pets in the future.

Switched to Osho, but he still had 15 minutes on his incubator, so switched to the secret crafter, recycled a bunch of materials with the recyclers Aerys picked up yesterday, and then ran her to Eisley for an XP buff. Got her home and just ground it OUT! An hour and twenty minutes and some repetitive stress injury from clicking, and she is level 90. Yay! Ran her back to Eisley to change her to Domestics: yay, clothes, soon!

Saw a familiar face in Eisley while I was there. tomo Aedon. I recall him as being a Master Jedi and a trader in higher end items: so cool to be seeing familiar names and faces in random places. :)

Had to run off, so set Aerys to AFK Foraging.

Came back to the keys and she'd been logged off by server reset, but had found 2 11s and 8 Treasure Maps, so yay.

Finally got a Discord account and got myself sort of set up there: will definitely need more time to familiarise myself with that program, but was so good to hear my friends' voices while playing again. I got into a group with okoral, and ran to Mustafar to try for some Rank 5 beast specials. Didn't get any, but did get and finish the Map of Mustafar noob quest, and had some fun in a combat group. He read my group chat comments to the five or six friends and new friends in Discord chat (Hoggle's guild chat).

Soulei has been stuck on one aspect of Jabba's part of Legacy for a couple days, which has sucked, but Okoral gave me some guidance: NoobDoc ftw: turn on All Object names when looking for random quest clickables. It's good pet XP, anyway: Soulei is level 23 and the Kitty is level 18.

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