Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 20: Moar Pet Grindage

Logged on Aerys, got the Boar Wolfcale egg out of the incubator, but I kinda want to save the hatch for when Hoggle can be there. Ran to get DNA for the order Hoggle asked me to make (Armour specced fambaa for one of his clients, as he appears to be having trouble logging his beast crafter into game).

Maintenanced machines, harvestors, incubator sessions, etc, then opted to go shopping on Aerys: we need recyclers and I'd like to dump all the recycler part loots I have been colecting. recyclers were less than 400k on the Bazaar, so it just makes more sense to buy one of each and get rid of the over 100 items clogging Osho's crafting house. Grabbed a grind kit for the Secret Crafter as well: hopefully I can get her levelled soon, as I really want some new clothes, and I desperately need some back packs to help with the sorting of inventory.

After dropping off the purchases, took her to the grind spot. Only 5 levels on the Kai to go, which is good as I now have the Piggie to grind up too. Kai needs his rank 5 specials, so I will have to research that: thank Ztez for so very glad that site is still live. I should throw some funds at him, as soon as I can.

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