Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 26: Hydro Hunting

Logged in at AGH am, got the alts incus flipped, except for the Secret Crafter, as I am moving her into Hoggle's lab and switching Soulei out. Doesn't make sense to have the lowest grade pet crafter working in the lab city: her sessions take 24 hours regardless. Got a pointless boom on third stage of Dewback mount, no other results. Started and scrubbed a Squill on Osho: no point in running through full sessions on a fugly beast that needs all three mutations to be pretty. But I have lots of the DNA from the Squill cave portion of Legacy. Need CuPa DNA, for mutant mounts, amongst others.

Popped onto Aerys, who is still in the Krayt Graveyard. Spot a lone darkside Jedi up on the hill, as soon as he was done his kill, I asked for an invite, told him I just needed hydros. Yay! And now this felt more familiar. How many days did Chase' and I hunt Krayts for hours, just the two of us, 'Mando and Medic and our uber beasts, running them bad boys down? So yeah, guiltfree extractions, and then a ten minute warning on server shut down. /sigh. Ah well, I only have room for maybe 30 more items in my inventory.

Will pop back onto her as soon as the server is back up, see if I can run with Crossfire some more, as it'd be great to load up with hydros. Starting to feel like I can actually contribute materially to the lab.

Yup, yay! Filled my inventory then ran off to process some. Also ran second session on the Dalyrake, no booms. And no 19 pt hydro to do last session with. Meh. Will be staying in touch with Crossfire: he was cool.

Dant grind group was full up, so I just straight logged. Tired and should try to sleep.

Logging in, it's early afternoon and I am well rested, so that's good. Flipping processors first, then going to get Aerys grinding, and spend some time on Soulei leveling her through the next parts of Legacy.

Could not log in at all after. :(

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