Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 35: Auctioning an Egg

Hoggle found me a 13, so I threw that session in. We discussed it last night and agreed that since neither of us really want it, we should sell it and split the creds, so I posted to the BM forum on the website that we'd be auctioning the egg. Was pmed only a frew minutes later with an offer to buy it outrigtht. I'd rather see how high the market will go on it: it may be as low as 100-150 mill, but it could be higher. Auctions were a standard way of learning what at item was worth in the game on live, so we'll see what all we get for it now.

Switched to Aerys and started a Dalyrake, got a stat boom on first session. Dalyrakes are cool, the thing they mutate into might be my least favourite beast in game, the Jundak. If I get it (hah!) I know Hoggle will want it, at least.

Grind group was full, but the conversation in Diuscord was fun and funny and I reiterate how much I like being able to talk to my fellow players. I have a lot of information to impart, and stories to tell and it's great to have a method to do that, although I have to be careful I don't neglect my other outlets, like this blog.

Ran Aerys through her next dailies for Love Fest and then parkjed her at the Kunga cave on Dant to try and get a level or two on the Piggy while I sleep.

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