Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 14: Horned Dewbacks and Deserving Friends

I formulated the Horned Dewie on Osho and then placed it in a cabinet in Hoggle's lab. Sent him a ping on FB. Hope he gets the message.

Aerys started second session on the Perlek, no boom.

Gotta go be a RL BM, which as I may have noted before involves more poop and less pew pew. (Except when shooting arrows off of horses, then it's both BM and pew pew. Funny that I never connected the old hobby with the new one quite that way before).

Senate elections opened yesterday: I will be doing what they said not to do and voting for my friend, but only because I dunno the other guy, yet.

Aerys' Kai Tok is level 60 and 89% of the way to level 61, so I killed a couple more Kungas at the keys and got that level before I bounced her back to Exile to run an incubator session. osho got no boom on his next Dewback, so will be scrubbing it and starting another.

The pet market is pretty sparse: I may consider making some capped mutation attempts and selling the eggs that fail. will do some more market research soon: it may be that there isn't a market for them, that BMs basically cook more for friends than an open market, but it would be nice to have a vendor with a few eggs on it.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 13 Flipping Processors and Force Shui-ing Furniture

Didn't manage to get the last session on the Horned Dewback started last night, so when I logged on this morning, I was all keen and eager, only to see I had 4 minutes to do what I needed to before the server shut down. I ran Osho over to the lab, tossed the 20 pointer with 9.19 mutagen, 11 pt lyase and top grade isos (in the prescribed colours) into the experiment window and holy crap, kaBOOM, again! Osho just had a successful third mutation on the DNA! Considering I only ever managed that on live twice, (and one of those was that awful Forage Worm, more about that in a future post),I am so freaking happy! Hoggle will be pleased with his new beast, I think. I did spec the third session for full damage, so it's a 2/3 Armour, 1/3 damage beast, not optimal, and not going to be completely capped, no matter what, but still a pretty decent critter, that also looks amazeballs!

Server is restarting, and I will log on to finish processing and do Aerys' next session. But wow, what a high to start my day!

Logged back in after server reset to flip processors. Chatted a bit with His Senatorness, still haven't told him the Horned Dewie is his.

3 hopeful 20s in process, should be able to make 5 more, since we seem to be splitting enough Cs and Es, but we've managed to rip through that whole bag of 7s he'd harvested just three days ago. He'll need to get more soon. And I hope to heck I get to come with: I have really missed Krayting!

Switched to Aerys, set up her bag to make a Perlek to help Hoggle's business out. He was asking me what I wanted as a share, I'm like, uh der, nothing! This is all your material!

Logged Osho back in, calcs were slightly off and only 2 of the 3 turned into 20s. /sigh. Switched back to Aerys and flew off to Dathomir to grab a couple Rancor missions to maybe find a couple decent hydros, and while I was there, I popped into one of the outbuildings, found a weapon collectible on a table and clicked it, and found instead the flipped painting, that started the Force Shui collection! Ha! I had completely forgotten that those abilities had been added to the game as a Collection. So of course, that becomes a priority!

Killed the rancors, got three processable hydros, and then cloned back to Talus, just as the server gave the hour warning. Figured I could do something little and silly before it went offline, so I triggered the three Talus Treasure Maps I had in my inventory, since the first couple of foraging sessions. Remembered how to do the maps kind of as I was doing them: very grateful I had specced the specials up onto the Kai Tok, as she was able to hold aggro and do some damage with each of the mobs that spawn as soon as you actually unearth the chest.

So that was fun. Got all three maps done and logged off with a minute to spare. Got some pretty jewel collections started - cannot recall what the rewards for those is, but actually don't care. I mean, a lot of this info is on Wookieepedia, but I am kinda enjoying the process of discovery. It's not all new, it's familiar and comfortable, but still an experience to relish: like reading a great book after a long time after the first time. I am definitely getting more out of this more conscious approach to the game than I did from the first few years of playing.

There are exceptions to the "don't look things up" playstyle policy, however, and the Force Shui collection is one of them. It's only 10 waypoints, so I looked them up, and when the server went live again, I popped on and flew around from planet to planet and clicked on them all. Now when I wanna deco, I have access to rotations on all three planes, which makes me super happy: and still shaking my head that I forgot that the abilities were granted in a collection. NoobDoc, ftw!

Day 12 Boons and Booms

Logged in to process stuff and caught that the last time I reset expertise, I forgot to take GE, and Aerys did that stage of processing, so we lost at least a point and a half of gain on EVERY STAGE. I am such a goober. I added Osho to His Senatorialness' Lab, since he has the expertise, and made absolutely sure to never click a processor on the medic, until I have a chance to reset her.

Since I was on Osho, I popped over to the riverside lab and set up to do next session. used a processed 19 with 9 points of mutagen this time, (first session was a 5 pt raw hydro, with 4.84 mutagen) I also used top grade isos this time, instead of just below top grade. Wanted to give it every chance to mutate. And it did. So on my second attempt on this character, and only my fourth pet attempt since hitting the server, I got an appearance mutation. I am over the moon!

I dunno whether I should tell anyone, I mean, other than Hoggle. I had pinged him yesterday when I got the first boom, and he joked that it would just figure if I got an app mutation after less than 2 weeks of playing and he had been trying for a year, so I prefaced my response with, "Don't hate me..." I pondered posting to the forum, but don't want to seem like I am bragging. So... just tried to contain my excitement. Hoggle also advised that I make it a pet, not a mount egg, as there is a hella market for app mutations as combat pets. So I will use top grade materials moving forward. It won't be capped, but it won't be bad: the extra 12 points from the appearance boost will help.

He doesn't know it yet, but I fully intend to give him the egg. :) he can hatch it or sell it or whatever, I actually don't care, but he has been absolutely instrumental in helping me get right back into the game I love, and able to play at a top level again so soon, and the value of the Dewie pales in comparison to all he has given me and done for me. he deserves a little thank you. Love you, man!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 11 Mounts and Mutations

Popped on to see a notice that server was shutting down in 30 minutes, so I ran Aerys over to Eisley to pick up those reward paintings, then reset expertise to get all the pet specials I learned the other day usable, then retrained beast to accomplish the same purpose, then grabbed a couple Dewback missions to get some DNA for Osho, who I have decided is going to work on making mutant dewback mounts, because why not?

The key here is that I have the options, this time of playing with Beast Mastery: it's not myu purpose in the game anymore. I am not the server's premiere beast crafter, so I can play a lot more around with making sure I can make what I want and do what I want. I no longer have the unlimited time I had before, and my attention is in more places, and I am a generally happier person. So I will play the game I want, instead of feeling beholden to so many other players all the time, from guildies to customers to constituents. It was a shock to my system to relaise that I can play purely for my own fun now.

So, got some nice samples, then ran back to Talus, dumped the junk loots into the safety deposit box, and ran up to flip His Senatorship's  processors: just got them done when the logout message came up. Perfect timing. Started Aerys' next pet, a Jax, no boom. Switched to Osho and threw in one of the just-extracted Dewback DNAs, and BOOM!

OMG. So cool! And now I have a chance at the appearance mutation! Horned dewback! Must rein in my enthusiasm: tinfoil hat theory # 40,120 says if you want it too badly, it won't happen.
Ran Aerys to Endor to get more Jax DNA, but my appointment showed up a bit early, so I ran to the Jinda cave to afk level: caught too much aggro and died, so cloned to the Lab city before logging out. Could NOT feel too bad, still exhilarated over the Boom! Cannot wait to log in later!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 10 Pigs, Paintings and Processing

Short day today, so mostly just checking in and checking incubators and processors. His Senatorship pinged me when I was still at work to say that his hydro hunt was successful and if I wanted to flip processors I sure could. I love doing it, so I was looking forward to getting started when I got home.

Processing is not for everyone. It's a very nerdy and repetitive thing to do, but since I had spent so much time and effort on the live game deconstructing the maths for it, it is pretty much second nature to me. I hope I am as consistent at producing 20s in this fresh world as I was in the old game.

Switched the piggie to the third session and somehow, without checking any incubation calculator had managed to make it so all the points fit. This is harder than it sounds, because I was not using 20s for the piggie, but 19s. So I have a lower end 57 pt piggie on its last stage: it'll be ready tomorrow! Yay! I love hatching!

Once I was in game, I chatted briefly with Hoggle on his crafting toon, and he mentioned he had a pet order he needed to get on with: oh how the tables have turned! :) I may one day tell the story of how Hoggle and I became BM BFFs, but for now, let's just say I felt his pain. So of course, I asked what I could do to help. I only had an hour, maybe two to play tonight, so I wanted to make the best of it, and be helpful to my awesomesauce friend. He needed Perlek DNA, so off I went to Lok, hoping against hope I was right and that was where they spawned. Yay, I was!

Before I checked the mission terminals, I noted there were three players just hanging out by the Market terminal, so I wandered over to see if there was some hot bidding war in progress. There wasn't (that I could tell) but there were two backpacks full of storage increase collection pieces, which made me super happy, because Osho's Rest has been just about overfull for the last day or so. While I have completed two of these collections on Aerys, I hadn't yet completed one on Osho. So yay. I bought both packs, for a half million each. I would normally be fretting more about funds, but it does not take much grinding to become aware how fast one makes money in this game.

Picked up a mission, ran and collected DNA and hide and eggs from the lairs, as I really need to complete my Truffle Pig collections, so foraging for Lyases is less hit and miss. I got crap for DNA off the first lair, so ran back to Nym's and got another couple missions. You get bigger spawns when you run in a group, but other than grinding and being chauffeured around, I have not had much grouping since coming back. (That may change: we'll see. My sons have created accounts now, and with any luck, and a sizeable expansion on our household computer numbers from one to three, I will be running with my boys again, soon! Remind me to tell you about the ill-fated Bantha Hunt sometime!) Regardless of that, you don't need a lot of spawns for this kind of hunt. I got a good sample on the fourth successful extraction, killed the lairs and ran back to Talus to drop off the strand for His Senatorshipfulness's order.

I dumped inventory into the sorting cabinets (lesson one of this game: establish and maintain control of inventory very very quickly, or it will soon become 9/10th of your play time. because Osho is structures, I am using visually bulkier cabinets to sort and store, instead of the more common backpacks. When I get my Domestics trader leveled I will be making a whole buncha backpacks.They are easier to use for lab storage.) Tossing the collection pieces into the correct cabinet, I noted one of them conned green to Aerys, so she completed her third Storage Collection. Yay, more room for crap!

Sent Aerys back to grind on Dant, as the Kai Tok is only level 56.

Being that it is day 10 by my reckoning, I should hop over to Eisley and check and see if I can have those paintings yet! Speaking of paintings... I looted a Wanted: Trandoshan poster, a RIS Armour and a Valley View today. While these are small time loot drops, paintings and deco are one of the cooler things about this game, so that was neat to see in the inventory. There really is some fun art in this game. I am reminded that a player made a suggestion many years ago of the devs holding contests where players could submit screenies for possibly being turned into posters and paintings in game. I cannot tell you how much I love that idea. I wonder if eventually it may be something we see in this fan-controlled iteration of the game.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 9 How Far Have I Come?

So yesterday, my old BM buddy Kewarra posted to FB that he was looking at starting up on Legends. A couple of the old crew warned him about data drains and stuff, (there has been a falling out in the dev corps of various iterations of SWG Emulators: apparently the politics get very very ugly, which is one of the big reasons why this project has taken so long to get to this point. Now we see the results of actual anarchy: you get sorta what you want, but it takes a thousand times as long if one person leads/guides/dictates what has to happen. That said, the dictator on such systems tends to catch all the heat and get very little of the glory. It's interesting to compare and contrasts to several of the other geekly pursuits I have to my name.) Thank you, TangentGirl! At any rate, I hope he does join us here! It would be great to have him to chat with again. I need to investigate what voice programe folks are using these days. Everyone keeps asking me about Discord...

The AFK grind was a mixed success. I somehow buggered up the supplement and feed macros, so my beast had only gained five levels in the 6 hours spent grinding. I will have to take a closer look at those macros and figure out what I did wrong. I am not actually surprised: macros and I are not the best of friends.Fixed the macros and tested them, then had to lighten my load.

Popped home to empty inventory, check processors, etc. Added Osho to permission on Aerys' house so he can run experiments there too. Started him on a deco statted panther. No boom, but I maybe was too hopeful that the averages were going to be higher than 15%, the way they were at the very end months of the game. (I think maxed mutation chance we got to was about 66%. It was too high for regular gameplay, but sure helped lock down almost all the unknown combos before the game closed down.) We kinda got spoiled. :)

Need the XP, so once Osho was done buying offers on the vendor, I switched back to Aerys and ground up a bit more.

Later in the day, I came back to the keys to find the server had restarted, so I took the opportunity to create my fourth toon. She's going to stay a secret for a bit: she will likely be my main RP toon. Speaking of which, I have no idea how the RP is on this iteration of the game. I will have to delve a bit further into the forums and find out. :)

Oh yeah, even noobs can get themselves around, as everyone is given a Sorosuub yacht and the ability to call for pickup, and with a single command can produce a speeder to get themselves around in style. Handy, when you are just trying to get somewhere you can help yourself, but don't even have the creds for a shuttle ticket.

I think I want my last toon to be a Commando: I was really having fun playing with their skills and weapons, and my playstyle is way more Tank than DPS or Support, to be honest. I remember how effective Chase and Cerene were with pets, and yeah, some heavy hitting could be fun, when I lack the patience or energy to be a subtler profession. Not that Aerys is all that subtle, but compared to a Commando with a lava cannon...

Popped back on Aerys and ran back to Darasuum on Dantooine, joined the grind group there, and yay! Utini is in the group!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 8 Processing and Piggies

Logged Aerys in and flipped processors for Hoggle, with my over-tired grandbabby on my lap. The hydros I had harvested from rancors turned out pretty well: I will process them up, aiming for uncapped, high mutagen results, so I can make some mount grade mutants, eventually. Once WeeLeeLee settled, I actually got three hours of uninterrupted play, (did some blog editing and such while AFK grinding at the Kunga cave on Dantooine). It's nice to be able to help my son's family and still have fun on my own terms.

Got another level and a half on the Kai Tok, then headed back to Talus to deliver stuff to the vendor and clear inventory. Ran into Hoggle while there, he saw that I had been processing, advised me to use the 18s and 19s to create a Truffle Pig, which, as it happens is pretty solid advice. He also gave me 29 Exceptional Milks, which will kickstart my Truffle pig collection. Now to remember to harvest eggs from every lair, too. (Geez, there's a lot to remember!)

 I finished the processing I was doing and headed to Lok to pick up some pig missions (IIRC, this is one of the places one can get them... but I honestly don't 100% recall. I may rethink that, once the server comes back up, as I should be hitting missions and lairs that are in the 30-40 level, and looking for specials for my Kai, as well.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the game was definitely that you can accomplish several purposes in one day's fun. DNA, creature resources, pet grinding, Beast specials, all in one. This afternoon may be like that for me, or I may just set up to grind the Kai some more. We'll see how the rest of the day plays out.

Then Hoggle popped over and gave me some pet leveling supplements for the Kai, so that kinda tells me what I will be doing tonight!

After fumbling about for a bit, I ended up going to Endor and getting a jax and a roba mission: going for some good DNA. I got some great pig samples, but the jaxes eluded me: highest sample from them was 76%: not high enough for my tastes. NoobDoc moment: Oh yeah, spawns reset!

The best thing was there was a mantigrue lair spawn right between both missions, so I ran about and used Creature Knowledge to get those specials. Because this is something you don't actually do much of once you have all the specials, I had forgotten some of the tricks: approach to about 20 m, hit CK, WAIT for the icon to show up on your buff bar, then hit the critter once. Keep yourself healed and see if you can not kill the critter before CK runs out.

Ran back to Talus once those were done and started the Roba, using less than optimal ingredients: Hoggle reminded me that Truffle Pigs don't need to be the best of the best. :) So he'll be like a 50 something pointer if he doesn't mutate, and I am okay with that. :)

Set up to AFK grind for the night and crashed. It was a rare event that I had access to the computer for the night, so here's hoping it gets a few good levels on the Kai! Wrote a feeding and supplementing macro and headed to the Kunga cave which had gone from being a ghost town to suddenly leveling party city. :) I found a spawn out of the way and macroed up and then crashed.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 7 Extracting and Exposition

Hoggle logged in and gave me a really sweet suit of RIS armour. I started colouring it while he was right there. I am such a clothes horse. He also gave me permissions on his lab, and let me play around on his processors. I grabbed an extractor, too: now that I have armour, I might even run off and get some Hydros!

After he headed off, I foraged a bit, then decided to spend some time up at the Lost Village of Durbin getting DNA from the sludge panthers that moved in on that POI. I grabbed maybe 20 samples, and seven were over 80%, but I even managed an 89.99! That is by far the best DNA I have ever extracted, so that was AWESOME! Led me to wonder if the DNA from this kind of static, POI spawn might be better across the board. I will have to investigate that. Added to The List.

Server shut down and when I was able to get back online, it was late in the evening. I had grabbed an extractor from Hoggle's supplies, and realised I really needed to get back into the swing of things, so remembering what we'd do when we were solo or with an unlevelled pet: I ran off to Dathomir unbuffed and took a couple rancor missions.

Oh yeah, Bull Rancors give the really good hydros! So killed a few, grabbed a dozen hydros, 4 of which were worth processing, before I died and cloned back to the MO. I will have to register my toon at Exile Labs Cloner: save myself some small amount in travel ticket costs. Cloner Express ftw. (used to be called Jedi Express, as that was how so many grinding Jedi got home from the Village).

I do enjoy processing hydros, though. May need my own setup soon, as I am not able to see the results when Hoggle moves them to the various bags, and I am only sorta but a little mentally tracking my averages, hoping I have not lost my skills as far as processing 20s goes.

So I actually have two Lists as regards this game. One is about the things I want to achieve in the game, the other is about what I want to say about the game. I will likely differentiate these types of post, so it's really clear what you are reading, especially one I get a few more different types of entry up.

 Some of what I write in this blog is stuff I have said in the old one. When possible, I will create a link post here to all those old entries, so if anyone cares, they can find it all in one spot. :) It is interesting to compare experiences this time through, and some of these experiences are reminding me of stories I never got around to telling on the old GG blog. This basically means I need to take a day and cross reference this blog and that one. I should also add some kind of illos to this one. It's a bit plain. :P

Day 6 Expertise and Existential Crises

Logged in and claimed all my vet rewards. That was fun! I have a lot of funky deco, now, some of which I do not recall from the old game. The Exotic Flower, for instance: where'd that cutie come from? (I got 2). Now to find the time to hang it all and make it all look good! Will have to remember to write some on deco as time moves on.

I also remembered how to get out of game to other windows, while leaving the game running: Alt-Tab! Actually I stumbled on it while trying to make targeting work, then had a derp moment as I remembered that was what we even called it. Yup, NoobDoc, FTW!

Spent a bit of time on SWGpets, the Beastmaster's Bible, studying up combos and such - Quenker does NOT use Red Lyases, Jax does... Maybe I will have a wee PVP kitty, eventually.  Made up a quick chart for reference when I am shopping/hunting/foraging in game, which I am sure I will promptly lose, unless I keep the habit of playing with a journal beside the keys. I used to do that all the time (actually my mousepad was a writing pad for a long time: oh the research notes that ended up there!) I even still have a file folder full of paper records of hydro process tracking charts, mutation combo attempts, and pet price indexes. I may be a nerd. Since I am taking notes as I play, so I can keep this blog moving forward, it should be a given that I grab a three-subject coil book from my copious stocks and use it. Better than whatever random real estate free stationery happened to be closest when I sat down and logged on!

Anywho, on my way to take the crafting stations back to Osho's shop, I realised Life Day has ended, as there was no snow in Dearic. I am glad I got to do even a teeny bit of the clickables there. Looking forward to Love Fest in February, provided they have the code figured out. Game has been live for a year, as it happens, so here's hoping!

While I was on Tat, I reset my expertise on Aerys, so she can extract hydros and DNA and run processing sessions. I will have to learn to play all over again, but the stuff that is coming back the easiest/fastest is the processing and BM nerdery, so makes sense I will concentrate my play there for a while.

I spent a bit of time in Hoggle's Lab, flipping processors. It is coming back very quickly. Couldn't find the Capsules though: had to relog to see the crates. That used to happen in the original game, too. I have noticed I don't have the old rubberband effect that used to be really common in the original. Funny about that.

I am keeping priorities lists for each toon on a draft post here. Will be ticking them off as I find each bit. Todays was the Housing Collections: Hoggle had a bag full, so I got Aerys through the first two, and half way down the third. Osho will need those done too, so I will make sure to save all that loot.

Osho needs a crafting suit and will need a Wookiee BM suit too. Whee! I never do anything the easy way, do I? These are on the list.

I spend the rest of the session extracting DNA from Sand Panthers and foraging. In other news, Ash, an old friend from the forums of the original game is a community manager here on Legends, running events, which is awesome! and that's just so cool! So we reconnected on the forums (we've never actually lost touch with each other on FB: I have been following his RL adventures for years!) Looking forward to running into him in game! I wonder what other familiar names and faces I am going to see in the coming months!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 5 BBP and Buying Power

Logged in before work, thinking today would be an ideal day to try afk pet leveling, as the youngest was away for the day, and the middle was still asleep. So I logged Osho in to see if he'd made any sales (he hadn't), then over to Aerys, who I left standing in the water of the stream right outside her door, fishing rod in hand.

The first thing I saw was a "server shutting down in 6 minutes" notice. Well, that was enough time to write the macro, I figured. I was right. Got the macro written using Hoggle's fomula, and got Aerys to Dantooine.

While the server was down, I logged onto the forums and puttered about, reading a few threads and posting various semi-random thoughts.The forums are no where near as vibrant as they were back in the hey day of things, but that is rather to be expected. I still think they will soon prove fun again. LOLBM can be reborn.

Server shut down for fifteen minutes, and before I left for work, I logged on, set up the macro, joined a teeny group of medics and fiddled around for a bit. There was a targeting issue that was frustrating, but I muddled through. Left the pet at level 12, and went to work, to be a real live Beast master, which involves considerably less combat with bucketheads and considerably more poop.

Got home five hours later to discover the server had restarted again (due to a weird memory drain issue they have not managed to resolve yet, according to Senator Hoggle), so I logged Aerys back in and found myself dead. Had a quick clone in Darasuum Tome, and rezz of the Kai Tok, who is now level 21. Played for a few there, frustrated by the targeting issue, but as soon as Hoggle was atk, he helped me out there. Fooling around with the UI and command options has messed up other things, and made me aware just how much of a renoob I am. :P

I set up the afk again, because I was exhausted from work, and went to have a shower and a nap. Came back several hours later to find my son had accidentally shut the whole thing off an hour or two in. When I logged back in, Kai Tok was level 26, so some good grindage happened, at least. It will be faster once I have some pet leveling stims to feed him.

Hoggle pinged me, said he had a suit of armour for me: yay! Less random dying due to silly mistakes.

I juggled toons for a bit, then settled on Aerys, did some shopping (retail therapy ftw, and it costs so much less in game than in real life.) Bought some crafting stations and harvestors and isomerases, then popped over to Osho to place a chem, and back to Aerys to get the armour.

Hoggle also gave mer permissions on his labs, and gave me a bag full of equipage for processing and BM stuff, and it made me weirdly and ridiculously happy to even start a processing cycle on his machines in his lab. I spent so many hours processing hydros... I did not forget that much about these aspects, as I have about combat and crafting. :)

While standing in Hoggle's lab, another old friend Okoral showed up. It is so good to reconnect with these folks I used to play every day with!

So of course, when I dropped the incubators in my house, I initialised it, and again cried a little when the Binring Biomedical guy showed up and said "Doh keembah, noh koo nix ahn!" I didn't have the materials to run a session, and considering I am not placed in the city yet, I am glad I didn't get swept up in the moment. But it was sweet to hear that voice again!

There was some other random stuff before I had to log off. I am still running about like a beheaded Nuna (a bit), but I am slowly finding my way.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 4 Pets and Priorities

Got home from work early, so logged Aerys in and headed to the Dant grind spot, in hopes to get HC a little further along. I need to start considering what pets I want.  I want a Fanged Tiglon and a Feathered Slice Hound, and a Cohenpa mount, for sure, but what else? Maybe I should run mutations only? They'd all be uber rare, considering how there are just not going to be as many folks doing BM. Cracktooth Narg and Hawkbat, definitely. After that, I think I'll have to spend some time on SWGpets and maybe write up a prioritised list.

I tried for some Quenker DNA, with the hope of lucking into some good stuff, but was unable to get a sample above 60%. I foraged as I ran to the middle of Dant, too, and did manage a Red 11 Lyase. Exciting! (Hey, and my faulty memory seems to recall that Quenkers use the Red Lyase... or do they? Yet more SWG pets research I need to do!) There are also all the Kill Quests, too, which give DNA rewards. I should really research those, and make sure I am taking the right ones, for the DNA I actually want.

And fishing! God, I miss fishing in game! Need to get Osho to make me a fishing pole!

As I ran up to the Kunga cave, I also realised I should get Osho started making camps, then I recalled that factories were also a thing he'll need, but even before that, Crafting stations. Hilarious! I am prioritising the Wookiee's to-do list much faster than my own main combat toon's. And I haven't even gotten Soulei off the station yet.

Killed my first Forage Worm! Super funny, as it reminded me of the story I will link here as soon as I have written it (and can figure out how to link stuffs!)

Server is having another restart, which I kinda like as it limits me in what all I can do or get started. I headed down into the cave, got a single level on HC before I bit it. Today's NoobDoc moment: even though those Kunga primitives are only level 70, I keep forgetting I am not wearing armour. So I cloned to the Mining Outpost, and was reminded that Cloning Sickness is a thing! Man, the things I have forgotten in this game -  I may fill a book!

Jumped from Dantooine to Corellia, having decided to test the house pack-up, by moving from my remote little spot to park next to Osho's shop outside of Exile on Talus. When I landed on Talus, I pulled my pet, and noted a tiny bug: dead pets should not make flappy noises!

Dropped my house and offered up a bunch of things to Osho's vendor, then switched toons to buy the offers, and make a fishing pole (one good thing about taking notes as I play, is I remember to do these things. Of course, Osho had no chemicals on him, so he had to survey for some: and whaddaya know, there's a 90% spawn along the banks of the same river we all live along now! So, no chemical harvies, but in one /sample, he had enough to make a truly crappy pole for Aerys, which weirdly makes me happy. It will be the first thing I try when I log back in!

I then ran Osho over to Tatooine to check on the harvestors outside Mos Eisley, and now we have 22k of that iron, and the spawn is still going strong. Server was three minutes from shut down when I logged off.

So, yeah, armour. I think that will have to be priority 1 when I can hook up with Hoggle again: get armour! He did give me a pretty sweet gun. Times like that, I am gratfeul for the lack of decay in the post-NGE iteration of the game. Just to make sure the message stuck, I waited for a shuttle on Corellia right beside a guy in Rebel Commando armour. /grin. /salute!

Logged in briefly later that night, no one else was on, so I grabbed the fishing rod Osho had made and caught a blowfish with my first try! That was cool. Looking forward to when I can run a fishing derby like we used to do back in the day. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 3, Part 2 Miscellaneous Meandering

I  had a few moments in the evening, so logged Aerys in to do some more refamiliarising myself with things. I started off doing a teeny bit of foraging (found a Treasure Map! Man, I remember those things! Post definitely on that topic, some time later!) then popped to tat to finish the Collector Quests.

Seeing my yacht on the Starship terminal reminded me that one of the things I am most looking forward to is the full deco of everything. :) I think the error I made last time in waiting to deco was that many rooms ran out of steam. (I will link to some of my old articles on deco, as soon as I figure out how to cross platform these bloody blogs.)

Got the Collector Quests done, using HC for the combat bits. He's pretty tough for only being level 10. Then visited the BM trainer to get the varying levels of Provoke, still can't quite recall how to train my pet: do I visit him, and he does it for me? Just cannot quite remember how that whole system functions. I have learned no specials through Creature Knowledge yet. Once HC is higher level, I will have to look into all of that too. Hope those systems work, as their specials were a large part of what made beasts so awesome in combat.

As I was running about, I was finding and clicking on Weapons Collections, Plant Collections, and even the old Rattletrap Junk Parts collectable. I really enjoyed those things in the bad old days: one of these days will have to find the lists of what is where and see if I can get them done. It's a good task for a slow day, when there aren't a lot of folks online.

Day 3 Grinding the Gears

Day 1 and Day 2 are still in note form in the journal I accidentally left in a classroom at the event I attended last weekend. When I get it back (hopefully sometime this week) I will type them up and slip them in here, somewhere. :)

Day 3, Part 1

The day I got back from my adventure to meet Hoggle IRL (well, that wasn't why I went, was just a side-benefit!), I was able to log in and play for a while. I opted to start that session by creating Oshorym anew. The crafter grind is super fast, especially with Legend's permanent 150% xp rate, so I got him started by surveying for resources while I waited for Hoggle to log on, as he had a grind kit already prepared for me.

I decided to transfer some creds to Osho for necessary supplies while I wait, by selling off one of the reward paintings. I listed it for 200k creds, specifically for Aerys to buy. Or, well, I tried! But since I skipped the tutorial on Osho, he had literally nary a cred to his name! Well, that's awkward! I found an artisan mission terminal and got a mission to survey for some resource, which will make me enough creds to do the planned listing.

 So I fire up the newbie survey tool and what do you know: Kammris Iron, with ideal qualities for Beast Mastery, right there on Tat.:) I am on foot, so off I go. (No number lock on this keyboard is going to be problematic, unless I can find the right size and weight of rock or w/e to plop down onto the keys when I want to be moving...

 There's an 80% spawn up on the ridge overlooking the city. I mark it, planning to drop a couple harvesters there, as soon as I have some! We are going to need that material! Beast mastery is famously a whore for resources of particularly high quality. One of the things I will be relearning is BM crafting, once I have a suit and all that fun stuff.

Finding that resource reminded me of how well our community worked to harvest ideal materials for Beast master crafting: it really was a team effort. It leads me to wonder how well we will manage to do in this version of the game: so much of what we did was massive group efforts. I really want that back, and I fear how much time will be spent on the solo grinds., even after the characters are levelled.

Met Hoggle's toon on Dant, got Osho leveled up tfrom 5 to 50 just standing there. Then made a couple harvesters and ran back to Tatooine to drop them, but... Noob moment of the day: I made Chemical Harvesters, not Minerals! So I ran back to Eisley, crafted five of the right kind of harvester, (and bought myself an AB-1 off the market, as I was tired of hoofing it across half the Galaxy), dropped them on the spawn, and sped back to Eisley.

After a couple hour break to get some RL BM stuff done (prepping feed for the horses at the facility,  I manage), I logged Osho back in, got an XP buff and plopped my butt down in the Cantina to finished levelling him. Took 2 hours and 10 minutes to get from level 50 to 90: pretty good! Most of that time was spent making Fountains, as they have the highest resource cost and thus give the best XP returns. I didn't do them in practice mode, as I wanted to have something I could list on a vendor.

Osho then spent some money on the market, buying a house, and then headed to talus, to drop his shop outside of Exile Labs. A teeny bit of deco, and a couple vendors dropped, and loaded (I have some thoughts on Vendors in SWG, post to come!) and then switched to Aerys to play a non-crafter for a while. Mostly just shopped and then ran the Tree Deco quests for more deco items, as the server prepped to shut down.

All in all, felt like a productive day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finding the Way Back

I have been following the progress of the various emulators for some time: really, since before the end of the game. I even played  a bit on the well-established preCU emulator while the game was still live, as I believe I started to blog on the subject on the old GalaxyGal blog (I will link this if I can ever figure out how...) But with various moves and the death of various computers in the intervening years, I had lost the option of joining back in, as I have the discs... SOMEWHERE in all this mess.

So it was my 18 year old's killing time in a local thrift store before work that gave me this opportunity: he found a copy of the Complete Experience for a piddling $3.99, and texted me with a teaser: "you won't believe what I found at VV!" He was right, I really barely believe it.

At any rate, once I had loaded the game onto the system we share, I had to seek out someone who was playing in the only NGE emulator I knew of. This was my old friend, client and guildie, Hoggle, who had recently volunteered to step into the position I had last held for the SOE game: Senator for Beast Mastery.

Hoggle and I have been friends on FB for a long time, and had developed a casual friendship of reading each others posts and liking each other's pictures, and sort of sharing at a distance in each other's lives. This was soon to change!

After he helped me get started on Legends, I was making a trip to his part of Earth, and he and I managed to meet up. It was awesome to hear his voice IRL, and get a real /hug. His daughter is even more lively and his lady even more lovely that social media can show. It was a delight to meet them all at long last!

So, here I am, having forgotten so much of what I knew, about general game play, much less about the profession I adored. The first day back in was a lot of wandering about remembering how to even move, manipulate my avatar through the terrain, figure out how one does anything again. Settings are all defaulted, I'm wearing noob clothes, and I am just humping around trying to remember how to do essential things like not run into walls.

More on my noobventures, soon!

Monday, January 16, 2017


After a hiatus of just over 6 years, I am playing Galaxies again, due in main part to the thrift luck of my son, and the encouragement of several old friends, chiefly Hoggle. This time, my kids, now pretty much adults will be playing with me. We are on the legends server of the post NGE emulator.

This blog will document the somewhat bumpy rollercoaster of learning and relearning upon which I have embarked. I have so much to share already, and I've only had three gaming sessions!