Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 13 Flipping Processors and Force Shui-ing Furniture

Didn't manage to get the last session on the Horned Dewback started last night, so when I logged on this morning, I was all keen and eager, only to see I had 4 minutes to do what I needed to before the server shut down. I ran Osho over to the lab, tossed the 20 pointer with 9.19 mutagen, 11 pt lyase and top grade isos (in the prescribed colours) into the experiment window and holy crap, kaBOOM, again! Osho just had a successful third mutation on the DNA! Considering I only ever managed that on live twice, (and one of those was that awful Forage Worm, more about that in a future post),I am so freaking happy! Hoggle will be pleased with his new beast, I think. I did spec the third session for full damage, so it's a 2/3 Armour, 1/3 damage beast, not optimal, and not going to be completely capped, no matter what, but still a pretty decent critter, that also looks amazeballs!

Server is restarting, and I will log on to finish processing and do Aerys' next session. But wow, what a high to start my day!

Logged back in after server reset to flip processors. Chatted a bit with His Senatorness, still haven't told him the Horned Dewie is his.

3 hopeful 20s in process, should be able to make 5 more, since we seem to be splitting enough Cs and Es, but we've managed to rip through that whole bag of 7s he'd harvested just three days ago. He'll need to get more soon. And I hope to heck I get to come with: I have really missed Krayting!

Switched to Aerys, set up her bag to make a Perlek to help Hoggle's business out. He was asking me what I wanted as a share, I'm like, uh der, nothing! This is all your material!

Logged Osho back in, calcs were slightly off and only 2 of the 3 turned into 20s. /sigh. Switched back to Aerys and flew off to Dathomir to grab a couple Rancor missions to maybe find a couple decent hydros, and while I was there, I popped into one of the outbuildings, found a weapon collectible on a table and clicked it, and found instead the flipped painting, that started the Force Shui collection! Ha! I had completely forgotten that those abilities had been added to the game as a Collection. So of course, that becomes a priority!

Killed the rancors, got three processable hydros, and then cloned back to Talus, just as the server gave the hour warning. Figured I could do something little and silly before it went offline, so I triggered the three Talus Treasure Maps I had in my inventory, since the first couple of foraging sessions. Remembered how to do the maps kind of as I was doing them: very grateful I had specced the specials up onto the Kai Tok, as she was able to hold aggro and do some damage with each of the mobs that spawn as soon as you actually unearth the chest.

So that was fun. Got all three maps done and logged off with a minute to spare. Got some pretty jewel collections started - cannot recall what the rewards for those is, but actually don't care. I mean, a lot of this info is on Wookieepedia, but I am kinda enjoying the process of discovery. It's not all new, it's familiar and comfortable, but still an experience to relish: like reading a great book after a long time after the first time. I am definitely getting more out of this more conscious approach to the game than I did from the first few years of playing.

There are exceptions to the "don't look things up" playstyle policy, however, and the Force Shui collection is one of them. It's only 10 waypoints, so I looked them up, and when the server went live again, I popped on and flew around from planet to planet and clicked on them all. Now when I wanna deco, I have access to rotations on all three planes, which makes me super happy: and still shaking my head that I forgot that the abilities were granted in a collection. NoobDoc, ftw!

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