Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 5 BBP and Buying Power

Logged in before work, thinking today would be an ideal day to try afk pet leveling, as the youngest was away for the day, and the middle was still asleep. So I logged Osho in to see if he'd made any sales (he hadn't), then over to Aerys, who I left standing in the water of the stream right outside her door, fishing rod in hand.

The first thing I saw was a "server shutting down in 6 minutes" notice. Well, that was enough time to write the macro, I figured. I was right. Got the macro written using Hoggle's fomula, and got Aerys to Dantooine.

While the server was down, I logged onto the forums and puttered about, reading a few threads and posting various semi-random thoughts.The forums are no where near as vibrant as they were back in the hey day of things, but that is rather to be expected. I still think they will soon prove fun again. LOLBM can be reborn.

Server shut down for fifteen minutes, and before I left for work, I logged on, set up the macro, joined a teeny group of medics and fiddled around for a bit. There was a targeting issue that was frustrating, but I muddled through. Left the pet at level 12, and went to work, to be a real live Beast master, which involves considerably less combat with bucketheads and considerably more poop.

Got home five hours later to discover the server had restarted again (due to a weird memory drain issue they have not managed to resolve yet, according to Senator Hoggle), so I logged Aerys back in and found myself dead. Had a quick clone in Darasuum Tome, and rezz of the Kai Tok, who is now level 21. Played for a few there, frustrated by the targeting issue, but as soon as Hoggle was atk, he helped me out there. Fooling around with the UI and command options has messed up other things, and made me aware just how much of a renoob I am. :P

I set up the afk again, because I was exhausted from work, and went to have a shower and a nap. Came back several hours later to find my son had accidentally shut the whole thing off an hour or two in. When I logged back in, Kai Tok was level 26, so some good grindage happened, at least. It will be faster once I have some pet leveling stims to feed him.

Hoggle pinged me, said he had a suit of armour for me: yay! Less random dying due to silly mistakes.

I juggled toons for a bit, then settled on Aerys, did some shopping (retail therapy ftw, and it costs so much less in game than in real life.) Bought some crafting stations and harvestors and isomerases, then popped over to Osho to place a chem, and back to Aerys to get the armour.

Hoggle also gave mer permissions on his labs, and gave me a bag full of equipage for processing and BM stuff, and it made me weirdly and ridiculously happy to even start a processing cycle on his machines in his lab. I spent so many hours processing hydros... I did not forget that much about these aspects, as I have about combat and crafting. :)

While standing in Hoggle's lab, another old friend Okoral showed up. It is so good to reconnect with these folks I used to play every day with!

So of course, when I dropped the incubators in my house, I initialised it, and again cried a little when the Binring Biomedical guy showed up and said "Doh keembah, noh koo nix ahn!" I didn't have the materials to run a session, and considering I am not placed in the city yet, I am glad I didn't get swept up in the moment. But it was sweet to hear that voice again!

There was some other random stuff before I had to log off. I am still running about like a beheaded Nuna (a bit), but I am slowly finding my way.

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