Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 4 Pets and Priorities

Got home from work early, so logged Aerys in and headed to the Dant grind spot, in hopes to get HC a little further along. I need to start considering what pets I want.  I want a Fanged Tiglon and a Feathered Slice Hound, and a Cohenpa mount, for sure, but what else? Maybe I should run mutations only? They'd all be uber rare, considering how there are just not going to be as many folks doing BM. Cracktooth Narg and Hawkbat, definitely. After that, I think I'll have to spend some time on SWGpets and maybe write up a prioritised list.

I tried for some Quenker DNA, with the hope of lucking into some good stuff, but was unable to get a sample above 60%. I foraged as I ran to the middle of Dant, too, and did manage a Red 11 Lyase. Exciting! (Hey, and my faulty memory seems to recall that Quenkers use the Red Lyase... or do they? Yet more SWG pets research I need to do!) There are also all the Kill Quests, too, which give DNA rewards. I should really research those, and make sure I am taking the right ones, for the DNA I actually want.

And fishing! God, I miss fishing in game! Need to get Osho to make me a fishing pole!

As I ran up to the Kunga cave, I also realised I should get Osho started making camps, then I recalled that factories were also a thing he'll need, but even before that, Crafting stations. Hilarious! I am prioritising the Wookiee's to-do list much faster than my own main combat toon's. And I haven't even gotten Soulei off the station yet.

Killed my first Forage Worm! Super funny, as it reminded me of the story I will link here as soon as I have written it (and can figure out how to link stuffs!)

Server is having another restart, which I kinda like as it limits me in what all I can do or get started. I headed down into the cave, got a single level on HC before I bit it. Today's NoobDoc moment: even though those Kunga primitives are only level 70, I keep forgetting I am not wearing armour. So I cloned to the Mining Outpost, and was reminded that Cloning Sickness is a thing! Man, the things I have forgotten in this game -  I may fill a book!

Jumped from Dantooine to Corellia, having decided to test the house pack-up, by moving from my remote little spot to park next to Osho's shop outside of Exile on Talus. When I landed on Talus, I pulled my pet, and noted a tiny bug: dead pets should not make flappy noises!

Dropped my house and offered up a bunch of things to Osho's vendor, then switched toons to buy the offers, and make a fishing pole (one good thing about taking notes as I play, is I remember to do these things. Of course, Osho had no chemicals on him, so he had to survey for some: and whaddaya know, there's a 90% spawn along the banks of the same river we all live along now! So, no chemical harvies, but in one /sample, he had enough to make a truly crappy pole for Aerys, which weirdly makes me happy. It will be the first thing I try when I log back in!

I then ran Osho over to Tatooine to check on the harvestors outside Mos Eisley, and now we have 22k of that iron, and the spawn is still going strong. Server was three minutes from shut down when I logged off.

So, yeah, armour. I think that will have to be priority 1 when I can hook up with Hoggle again: get armour! He did give me a pretty sweet gun. Times like that, I am gratfeul for the lack of decay in the post-NGE iteration of the game. Just to make sure the message stuck, I waited for a shuttle on Corellia right beside a guy in Rebel Commando armour. /grin. /salute!

Logged in briefly later that night, no one else was on, so I grabbed the fishing rod Osho had made and caught a blowfish with my first try! That was cool. Looking forward to when I can run a fishing derby like we used to do back in the day. :)

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