Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 8 Processing and Piggies

Logged Aerys in and flipped processors for Hoggle, with my over-tired grandbabby on my lap. The hydros I had harvested from rancors turned out pretty well: I will process them up, aiming for uncapped, high mutagen results, so I can make some mount grade mutants, eventually. Once WeeLeeLee settled, I actually got three hours of uninterrupted play, (did some blog editing and such while AFK grinding at the Kunga cave on Dantooine). It's nice to be able to help my son's family and still have fun on my own terms.

Got another level and a half on the Kai Tok, then headed back to Talus to deliver stuff to the vendor and clear inventory. Ran into Hoggle while there, he saw that I had been processing, advised me to use the 18s and 19s to create a Truffle Pig, which, as it happens is pretty solid advice. He also gave me 29 Exceptional Milks, which will kickstart my Truffle pig collection. Now to remember to harvest eggs from every lair, too. (Geez, there's a lot to remember!)

 I finished the processing I was doing and headed to Lok to pick up some pig missions (IIRC, this is one of the places one can get them... but I honestly don't 100% recall. I may rethink that, once the server comes back up, as I should be hitting missions and lairs that are in the 30-40 level, and looking for specials for my Kai, as well.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the game was definitely that you can accomplish several purposes in one day's fun. DNA, creature resources, pet grinding, Beast specials, all in one. This afternoon may be like that for me, or I may just set up to grind the Kai some more. We'll see how the rest of the day plays out.

Then Hoggle popped over and gave me some pet leveling supplements for the Kai, so that kinda tells me what I will be doing tonight!

After fumbling about for a bit, I ended up going to Endor and getting a jax and a roba mission: going for some good DNA. I got some great pig samples, but the jaxes eluded me: highest sample from them was 76%: not high enough for my tastes. NoobDoc moment: Oh yeah, spawns reset!

The best thing was there was a mantigrue lair spawn right between both missions, so I ran about and used Creature Knowledge to get those specials. Because this is something you don't actually do much of once you have all the specials, I had forgotten some of the tricks: approach to about 20 m, hit CK, WAIT for the icon to show up on your buff bar, then hit the critter once. Keep yourself healed and see if you can not kill the critter before CK runs out.

Ran back to Talus once those were done and started the Roba, using less than optimal ingredients: Hoggle reminded me that Truffle Pigs don't need to be the best of the best. :) So he'll be like a 50 something pointer if he doesn't mutate, and I am okay with that. :)

Set up to AFK grind for the night and crashed. It was a rare event that I had access to the computer for the night, so here's hoping it gets a few good levels on the Kai! Wrote a feeding and supplementing macro and headed to the Kunga cave which had gone from being a ghost town to suddenly leveling party city. :) I found a spawn out of the way and macroed up and then crashed.

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