Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 11 Mounts and Mutations

Popped on to see a notice that server was shutting down in 30 minutes, so I ran Aerys over to Eisley to pick up those reward paintings, then reset expertise to get all the pet specials I learned the other day usable, then retrained beast to accomplish the same purpose, then grabbed a couple Dewback missions to get some DNA for Osho, who I have decided is going to work on making mutant dewback mounts, because why not?

The key here is that I have the options, this time of playing with Beast Mastery: it's not myu purpose in the game anymore. I am not the server's premiere beast crafter, so I can play a lot more around with making sure I can make what I want and do what I want. I no longer have the unlimited time I had before, and my attention is in more places, and I am a generally happier person. So I will play the game I want, instead of feeling beholden to so many other players all the time, from guildies to customers to constituents. It was a shock to my system to relaise that I can play purely for my own fun now.

So, got some nice samples, then ran back to Talus, dumped the junk loots into the safety deposit box, and ran up to flip His Senatorship's  processors: just got them done when the logout message came up. Perfect timing. Started Aerys' next pet, a Jax, no boom. Switched to Osho and threw in one of the just-extracted Dewback DNAs, and BOOM!

OMG. So cool! And now I have a chance at the appearance mutation! Horned dewback! Must rein in my enthusiasm: tinfoil hat theory # 40,120 says if you want it too badly, it won't happen.
Ran Aerys to Endor to get more Jax DNA, but my appointment showed up a bit early, so I ran to the Jinda cave to afk level: caught too much aggro and died, so cloned to the Lab city before logging out. Could NOT feel too bad, still exhilarated over the Boom! Cannot wait to log in later!

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