Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 3, Part 2 Miscellaneous Meandering

I  had a few moments in the evening, so logged Aerys in to do some more refamiliarising myself with things. I started off doing a teeny bit of foraging (found a Treasure Map! Man, I remember those things! Post definitely on that topic, some time later!) then popped to tat to finish the Collector Quests.

Seeing my yacht on the Starship terminal reminded me that one of the things I am most looking forward to is the full deco of everything. :) I think the error I made last time in waiting to deco was that many rooms ran out of steam. (I will link to some of my old articles on deco, as soon as I figure out how to cross platform these bloody blogs.)

Got the Collector Quests done, using HC for the combat bits. He's pretty tough for only being level 10. Then visited the BM trainer to get the varying levels of Provoke, still can't quite recall how to train my pet: do I visit him, and he does it for me? Just cannot quite remember how that whole system functions. I have learned no specials through Creature Knowledge yet. Once HC is higher level, I will have to look into all of that too. Hope those systems work, as their specials were a large part of what made beasts so awesome in combat.

As I was running about, I was finding and clicking on Weapons Collections, Plant Collections, and even the old Rattletrap Junk Parts collectable. I really enjoyed those things in the bad old days: one of these days will have to find the lists of what is where and see if I can get them done. It's a good task for a slow day, when there aren't a lot of folks online.

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