Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 14: Horned Dewbacks and Deserving Friends

I formulated the Horned Dewie on Osho and then placed it in a cabinet in Hoggle's lab. Sent him a ping on FB. Hope he gets the message.

Aerys started second session on the Perlek, no boom.

Gotta go be a RL BM, which as I may have noted before involves more poop and less pew pew. (Except when shooting arrows off of horses, then it's both BM and pew pew. Funny that I never connected the old hobby with the new one quite that way before).

Senate elections opened yesterday: I will be doing what they said not to do and voting for my friend, but only because I dunno the other guy, yet.

Aerys' Kai Tok is level 60 and 89% of the way to level 61, so I killed a couple more Kungas at the keys and got that level before I bounced her back to Exile to run an incubator session. osho got no boom on his next Dewback, so will be scrubbing it and starting another.

The pet market is pretty sparse: I may consider making some capped mutation attempts and selling the eggs that fail. will do some more market research soon: it may be that there isn't a market for them, that BMs basically cook more for friends than an open market, but it would be nice to have a vendor with a few eggs on it.

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