Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 6 Expertise and Existential Crises

Logged in and claimed all my vet rewards. That was fun! I have a lot of funky deco, now, some of which I do not recall from the old game. The Exotic Flower, for instance: where'd that cutie come from? (I got 2). Now to find the time to hang it all and make it all look good! Will have to remember to write some on deco as time moves on.

I also remembered how to get out of game to other windows, while leaving the game running: Alt-Tab! Actually I stumbled on it while trying to make targeting work, then had a derp moment as I remembered that was what we even called it. Yup, NoobDoc, FTW!

Spent a bit of time on SWGpets, the Beastmaster's Bible, studying up combos and such - Quenker does NOT use Red Lyases, Jax does... Maybe I will have a wee PVP kitty, eventually.  Made up a quick chart for reference when I am shopping/hunting/foraging in game, which I am sure I will promptly lose, unless I keep the habit of playing with a journal beside the keys. I used to do that all the time (actually my mousepad was a writing pad for a long time: oh the research notes that ended up there!) I even still have a file folder full of paper records of hydro process tracking charts, mutation combo attempts, and pet price indexes. I may be a nerd. Since I am taking notes as I play, so I can keep this blog moving forward, it should be a given that I grab a three-subject coil book from my copious stocks and use it. Better than whatever random real estate free stationery happened to be closest when I sat down and logged on!

Anywho, on my way to take the crafting stations back to Osho's shop, I realised Life Day has ended, as there was no snow in Dearic. I am glad I got to do even a teeny bit of the clickables there. Looking forward to Love Fest in February, provided they have the code figured out. Game has been live for a year, as it happens, so here's hoping!

While I was on Tat, I reset my expertise on Aerys, so she can extract hydros and DNA and run processing sessions. I will have to learn to play all over again, but the stuff that is coming back the easiest/fastest is the processing and BM nerdery, so makes sense I will concentrate my play there for a while.

I spent a bit of time in Hoggle's Lab, flipping processors. It is coming back very quickly. Couldn't find the Capsules though: had to relog to see the crates. That used to happen in the original game, too. I have noticed I don't have the old rubberband effect that used to be really common in the original. Funny about that.

I am keeping priorities lists for each toon on a draft post here. Will be ticking them off as I find each bit. Todays was the Housing Collections: Hoggle had a bag full, so I got Aerys through the first two, and half way down the third. Osho will need those done too, so I will make sure to save all that loot.

Osho needs a crafting suit and will need a Wookiee BM suit too. Whee! I never do anything the easy way, do I? These are on the list.

I spend the rest of the session extracting DNA from Sand Panthers and foraging. In other news, Ash, an old friend from the forums of the original game is a community manager here on Legends, running events, which is awesome! and that's just so cool! So we reconnected on the forums (we've never actually lost touch with each other on FB: I have been following his RL adventures for years!) Looking forward to running into him in game! I wonder what other familiar names and faces I am going to see in the coming months!

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