Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 9 How Far Have I Come?

So yesterday, my old BM buddy Kewarra posted to FB that he was looking at starting up on Legends. A couple of the old crew warned him about data drains and stuff, (there has been a falling out in the dev corps of various iterations of SWG Emulators: apparently the politics get very very ugly, which is one of the big reasons why this project has taken so long to get to this point. Now we see the results of actual anarchy: you get sorta what you want, but it takes a thousand times as long if one person leads/guides/dictates what has to happen. That said, the dictator on such systems tends to catch all the heat and get very little of the glory. It's interesting to compare and contrasts to several of the other geekly pursuits I have to my name.) Thank you, TangentGirl! At any rate, I hope he does join us here! It would be great to have him to chat with again. I need to investigate what voice programe folks are using these days. Everyone keeps asking me about Discord...

The AFK grind was a mixed success. I somehow buggered up the supplement and feed macros, so my beast had only gained five levels in the 6 hours spent grinding. I will have to take a closer look at those macros and figure out what I did wrong. I am not actually surprised: macros and I are not the best of friends.Fixed the macros and tested them, then had to lighten my load.

Popped home to empty inventory, check processors, etc. Added Osho to permission on Aerys' house so he can run experiments there too. Started him on a deco statted panther. No boom, but I maybe was too hopeful that the averages were going to be higher than 15%, the way they were at the very end months of the game. (I think maxed mutation chance we got to was about 66%. It was too high for regular gameplay, but sure helped lock down almost all the unknown combos before the game closed down.) We kinda got spoiled. :)

Need the XP, so once Osho was done buying offers on the vendor, I switched back to Aerys and ground up a bit more.

Later in the day, I came back to the keys to find the server had restarted, so I took the opportunity to create my fourth toon. She's going to stay a secret for a bit: she will likely be my main RP toon. Speaking of which, I have no idea how the RP is on this iteration of the game. I will have to delve a bit further into the forums and find out. :)

Oh yeah, even noobs can get themselves around, as everyone is given a Sorosuub yacht and the ability to call for pickup, and with a single command can produce a speeder to get themselves around in style. Handy, when you are just trying to get somewhere you can help yourself, but don't even have the creds for a shuttle ticket.

I think I want my last toon to be a Commando: I was really having fun playing with their skills and weapons, and my playstyle is way more Tank than DPS or Support, to be honest. I remember how effective Chase and Cerene were with pets, and yeah, some heavy hitting could be fun, when I lack the patience or energy to be a subtler profession. Not that Aerys is all that subtle, but compared to a Commando with a lava cannon...

Popped back on Aerys and ran back to Darasuum on Dantooine, joined the grind group there, and yay! Utini is in the group!

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