Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 10 Pigs, Paintings and Processing

Short day today, so mostly just checking in and checking incubators and processors. His Senatorship pinged me when I was still at work to say that his hydro hunt was successful and if I wanted to flip processors I sure could. I love doing it, so I was looking forward to getting started when I got home.

Processing is not for everyone. It's a very nerdy and repetitive thing to do, but since I had spent so much time and effort on the live game deconstructing the maths for it, it is pretty much second nature to me. I hope I am as consistent at producing 20s in this fresh world as I was in the old game.

Switched the piggie to the third session and somehow, without checking any incubation calculator had managed to make it so all the points fit. This is harder than it sounds, because I was not using 20s for the piggie, but 19s. So I have a lower end 57 pt piggie on its last stage: it'll be ready tomorrow! Yay! I love hatching!

Once I was in game, I chatted briefly with Hoggle on his crafting toon, and he mentioned he had a pet order he needed to get on with: oh how the tables have turned! :) I may one day tell the story of how Hoggle and I became BM BFFs, but for now, let's just say I felt his pain. So of course, I asked what I could do to help. I only had an hour, maybe two to play tonight, so I wanted to make the best of it, and be helpful to my awesomesauce friend. He needed Perlek DNA, so off I went to Lok, hoping against hope I was right and that was where they spawned. Yay, I was!

Before I checked the mission terminals, I noted there were three players just hanging out by the Market terminal, so I wandered over to see if there was some hot bidding war in progress. There wasn't (that I could tell) but there were two backpacks full of storage increase collection pieces, which made me super happy, because Osho's Rest has been just about overfull for the last day or so. While I have completed two of these collections on Aerys, I hadn't yet completed one on Osho. So yay. I bought both packs, for a half million each. I would normally be fretting more about funds, but it does not take much grinding to become aware how fast one makes money in this game.

Picked up a mission, ran and collected DNA and hide and eggs from the lairs, as I really need to complete my Truffle Pig collections, so foraging for Lyases is less hit and miss. I got crap for DNA off the first lair, so ran back to Nym's and got another couple missions. You get bigger spawns when you run in a group, but other than grinding and being chauffeured around, I have not had much grouping since coming back. (That may change: we'll see. My sons have created accounts now, and with any luck, and a sizeable expansion on our household computer numbers from one to three, I will be running with my boys again, soon! Remind me to tell you about the ill-fated Bantha Hunt sometime!) Regardless of that, you don't need a lot of spawns for this kind of hunt. I got a good sample on the fourth successful extraction, killed the lairs and ran back to Talus to drop off the strand for His Senatorshipfulness's order.

I dumped inventory into the sorting cabinets (lesson one of this game: establish and maintain control of inventory very very quickly, or it will soon become 9/10th of your play time. because Osho is structures, I am using visually bulkier cabinets to sort and store, instead of the more common backpacks. When I get my Domestics trader leveled I will be making a whole buncha backpacks.They are easier to use for lab storage.) Tossing the collection pieces into the correct cabinet, I noted one of them conned green to Aerys, so she completed her third Storage Collection. Yay, more room for crap!

Sent Aerys back to grind on Dant, as the Kai Tok is only level 56.

Being that it is day 10 by my reckoning, I should hop over to Eisley and check and see if I can have those paintings yet! Speaking of paintings... I looted a Wanted: Trandoshan poster, a RIS Armour and a Valley View today. While these are small time loot drops, paintings and deco are one of the cooler things about this game, so that was neat to see in the inventory. There really is some fun art in this game. I am reminded that a player made a suggestion many years ago of the devs holding contests where players could submit screenies for possibly being turned into posters and paintings in game. I cannot tell you how much I love that idea. I wonder if eventually it may be something we see in this fan-controlled iteration of the game.

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