Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finding the Way Back

I have been following the progress of the various emulators for some time: really, since before the end of the game. I even played  a bit on the well-established preCU emulator while the game was still live, as I believe I started to blog on the subject on the old GalaxyGal blog (I will link this if I can ever figure out how...) But with various moves and the death of various computers in the intervening years, I had lost the option of joining back in, as I have the discs... SOMEWHERE in all this mess.

So it was my 18 year old's killing time in a local thrift store before work that gave me this opportunity: he found a copy of the Complete Experience for a piddling $3.99, and texted me with a teaser: "you won't believe what I found at VV!" He was right, I really barely believe it.

At any rate, once I had loaded the game onto the system we share, I had to seek out someone who was playing in the only NGE emulator I knew of. This was my old friend, client and guildie, Hoggle, who had recently volunteered to step into the position I had last held for the SOE game: Senator for Beast Mastery.

Hoggle and I have been friends on FB for a long time, and had developed a casual friendship of reading each others posts and liking each other's pictures, and sort of sharing at a distance in each other's lives. This was soon to change!

After he helped me get started on Legends, I was making a trip to his part of Earth, and he and I managed to meet up. It was awesome to hear his voice IRL, and get a real /hug. His daughter is even more lively and his lady even more lovely that social media can show. It was a delight to meet them all at long last!

So, here I am, having forgotten so much of what I knew, about general game play, much less about the profession I adored. The first day back in was a lot of wandering about remembering how to even move, manipulate my avatar through the terrain, figure out how one does anything again. Settings are all defaulted, I'm wearing noob clothes, and I am just humping around trying to remember how to do essential things like not run into walls.

More on my noobventures, soon!

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