Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 7 Extracting and Exposition

Hoggle logged in and gave me a really sweet suit of RIS armour. I started colouring it while he was right there. I am such a clothes horse. He also gave me permissions on his lab, and let me play around on his processors. I grabbed an extractor, too: now that I have armour, I might even run off and get some Hydros!

After he headed off, I foraged a bit, then decided to spend some time up at the Lost Village of Durbin getting DNA from the sludge panthers that moved in on that POI. I grabbed maybe 20 samples, and seven were over 80%, but I even managed an 89.99! That is by far the best DNA I have ever extracted, so that was AWESOME! Led me to wonder if the DNA from this kind of static, POI spawn might be better across the board. I will have to investigate that. Added to The List.

Server shut down and when I was able to get back online, it was late in the evening. I had grabbed an extractor from Hoggle's supplies, and realised I really needed to get back into the swing of things, so remembering what we'd do when we were solo or with an unlevelled pet: I ran off to Dathomir unbuffed and took a couple rancor missions.

Oh yeah, Bull Rancors give the really good hydros! So killed a few, grabbed a dozen hydros, 4 of which were worth processing, before I died and cloned back to the MO. I will have to register my toon at Exile Labs Cloner: save myself some small amount in travel ticket costs. Cloner Express ftw. (used to be called Jedi Express, as that was how so many grinding Jedi got home from the Village).

I do enjoy processing hydros, though. May need my own setup soon, as I am not able to see the results when Hoggle moves them to the various bags, and I am only sorta but a little mentally tracking my averages, hoping I have not lost my skills as far as processing 20s goes.

So I actually have two Lists as regards this game. One is about the things I want to achieve in the game, the other is about what I want to say about the game. I will likely differentiate these types of post, so it's really clear what you are reading, especially one I get a few more different types of entry up.

 Some of what I write in this blog is stuff I have said in the old one. When possible, I will create a link post here to all those old entries, so if anyone cares, they can find it all in one spot. :) It is interesting to compare experiences this time through, and some of these experiences are reminding me of stories I never got around to telling on the old GG blog. This basically means I need to take a day and cross reference this blog and that one. I should also add some kind of illos to this one. It's a bit plain. :P

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