Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 12 Boons and Booms

Logged in to process stuff and caught that the last time I reset expertise, I forgot to take GE, and Aerys did that stage of processing, so we lost at least a point and a half of gain on EVERY STAGE. I am such a goober. I added Osho to His Senatorialness' Lab, since he has the expertise, and made absolutely sure to never click a processor on the medic, until I have a chance to reset her.

Since I was on Osho, I popped over to the riverside lab and set up to do next session. used a processed 19 with 9 points of mutagen this time, (first session was a 5 pt raw hydro, with 4.84 mutagen) I also used top grade isos this time, instead of just below top grade. Wanted to give it every chance to mutate. And it did. So on my second attempt on this character, and only my fourth pet attempt since hitting the server, I got an appearance mutation. I am over the moon!

I dunno whether I should tell anyone, I mean, other than Hoggle. I had pinged him yesterday when I got the first boom, and he joked that it would just figure if I got an app mutation after less than 2 weeks of playing and he had been trying for a year, so I prefaced my response with, "Don't hate me..." I pondered posting to the forum, but don't want to seem like I am bragging. So... just tried to contain my excitement. Hoggle also advised that I make it a pet, not a mount egg, as there is a hella market for app mutations as combat pets. So I will use top grade materials moving forward. It won't be capped, but it won't be bad: the extra 12 points from the appearance boost will help.

He doesn't know it yet, but I fully intend to give him the egg. :) he can hatch it or sell it or whatever, I actually don't care, but he has been absolutely instrumental in helping me get right back into the game I love, and able to play at a top level again so soon, and the value of the Dewie pales in comparison to all he has given me and done for me. he deserves a little thank you. Love you, man!

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