Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 3 Grinding the Gears

Day 1 and Day 2 are still in note form in the journal I accidentally left in a classroom at the event I attended last weekend. When I get it back (hopefully sometime this week) I will type them up and slip them in here, somewhere. :)

Day 3, Part 1

The day I got back from my adventure to meet Hoggle IRL (well, that wasn't why I went, was just a side-benefit!), I was able to log in and play for a while. I opted to start that session by creating Oshorym anew. The crafter grind is super fast, especially with Legend's permanent 150% xp rate, so I got him started by surveying for resources while I waited for Hoggle to log on, as he had a grind kit already prepared for me.

I decided to transfer some creds to Osho for necessary supplies while I wait, by selling off one of the reward paintings. I listed it for 200k creds, specifically for Aerys to buy. Or, well, I tried! But since I skipped the tutorial on Osho, he had literally nary a cred to his name! Well, that's awkward! I found an artisan mission terminal and got a mission to survey for some resource, which will make me enough creds to do the planned listing.

 So I fire up the newbie survey tool and what do you know: Kammris Iron, with ideal qualities for Beast Mastery, right there on Tat.:) I am on foot, so off I go. (No number lock on this keyboard is going to be problematic, unless I can find the right size and weight of rock or w/e to plop down onto the keys when I want to be moving...

 There's an 80% spawn up on the ridge overlooking the city. I mark it, planning to drop a couple harvesters there, as soon as I have some! We are going to need that material! Beast mastery is famously a whore for resources of particularly high quality. One of the things I will be relearning is BM crafting, once I have a suit and all that fun stuff.

Finding that resource reminded me of how well our community worked to harvest ideal materials for Beast master crafting: it really was a team effort. It leads me to wonder how well we will manage to do in this version of the game: so much of what we did was massive group efforts. I really want that back, and I fear how much time will be spent on the solo grinds., even after the characters are levelled.

Met Hoggle's toon on Dant, got Osho leveled up tfrom 5 to 50 just standing there. Then made a couple harvesters and ran back to Tatooine to drop them, but... Noob moment of the day: I made Chemical Harvesters, not Minerals! So I ran back to Eisley, crafted five of the right kind of harvester, (and bought myself an AB-1 off the market, as I was tired of hoofing it across half the Galaxy), dropped them on the spawn, and sped back to Eisley.

After a couple hour break to get some RL BM stuff done (prepping feed for the horses at the facility,  I manage), I logged Osho back in, got an XP buff and plopped my butt down in the Cantina to finished levelling him. Took 2 hours and 10 minutes to get from level 50 to 90: pretty good! Most of that time was spent making Fountains, as they have the highest resource cost and thus give the best XP returns. I didn't do them in practice mode, as I wanted to have something I could list on a vendor.

Osho then spent some money on the market, buying a house, and then headed to talus, to drop his shop outside of Exile Labs. A teeny bit of deco, and a couple vendors dropped, and loaded (I have some thoughts on Vendors in SWG, post to come!) and then switched to Aerys to play a non-crafter for a while. Mostly just shopped and then ran the Tree Deco quests for more deco items, as the server prepped to shut down.

All in all, felt like a productive day.

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