Thursday, January 18, 2018


Up late hoping for a grind spot, but main group was full and the second group did not have an invite macro running. It's not that common that that happens, but it can. So I updated the forum blog with 5 more entries before poking my head into game again. just killing one spawn at a time, the Sliggy had already made it to level 3.

Hatching a new beast often makes me nostalgic.

My first pet in game was a deco grade Durni, made from DNA harvested from a stuffed bunny that had been made by OG's original bio-engineer, Ioleesem, who quit game just after the NGE, because they had ransacked his profession and left him (and thousands of other players) twisting in the wind. I will blog on that whole thing at some pint, and will link this back to that, but it really is a massive topic for another time.

Anywho, I had this cute lil bunny and he was pretty much just that. cute. Pointless, almost literally (I think he had like 6 points? Or maybe 18, I don't recall. Deco statted, defnitely. I had forgotten its name until I looked it up on SWGpets. Veridian, Aerys' maiden name.

Chase', our Guild Leader had invested a bit more heavily, both in expertise and in figuring out the BM crafting side of things, and I had made him a 54 pt Kliknik from similar, legacy DNA. Newly hatched, that tiny critter kicked my level 16 bunny\s ass enough times that I said to heck with that, and reset my expertise to see if he would hold up better. He did, but not much. That said, we were a crap tonne more effective in PvE, and that was it: I was bit by the BM bug.

My first serious combat beast was a 53 pt Narglatch, chosen for the hard-hitting feline damage specials, and because der, dolphin-cat? Yes please!

Grinner became my go-to guy. even with 7 points missing from his stats, he hit like a tonne of bricks, sharp, bad-tempered bricks. I could keep him alive through a lot of stuff, and he could snag aggro as needed to keep my rash butt out of the bacta.

With his damage combined with Orkin's DoTs, and Chase's and my guns, we were a supremely effective Krayt hunting team. We literally rolled through the graveyard, taking on double and triple spawns and enjoying the challenge of staying alive when an Ancient suddenly woke up on top of us.

There was something very grand about Grinner's  unflinching bravery in the face of such massive targets as we usually hunted. Krayt Dragons and Sher Karr had to crouch to get level with him, and he had this amazing cat leap into the air, with a claw swipe at the peak of it: just terrific animations.

Later, if soloing, I got other pets more suited to the work, and Grinner's missing points did make us less effective as a team, but  he inspired one of the things that gave the community the most fun, the LOL BM thread.

No beast has ever really compared to Grinner in my affections.

Sliggy! 1/17/2018

So got a stat on first stage of a Kliknik, and then boomed the last stage of the Bol! Super yay!There is a peculiar joy in hatching a mutant I made with the toon I am hatching it on.

Spending the morning's game session shopping for enzymes, as the processing room is on the last of the lower hydros Aerys brought back. Bought 20 or so raw 6s as I can make 20s from them, too, and it saves me krayt grind time. Spent 3 mill or so: not unhappy, as those two mutations will put 200 mill back in the bank pretty soon.. . Okay now we are actualy broke: I opted to pull funds from every toon and buy basically all the purple and violet 11 pt Lyases on the market for less than a mill. We are very well stocked with every other colour, but those two. Have enough for a few more mutation attempts now.  Also pulled every raw hydro off the vendor to process, that should keep me in stock till I have time to hunt tomorrow evening, or even till the weekend, if I want to do something else with my Thursday evening.

To that point, I am not actually sold on selling both new mutations just yet. Aerys' Tauntaun is almost level 90 and she should have one big tanker pet... I was leaning towards the Sligtooth, as it is in the Strikethrough group and I love Strikethrough, but the Malosaur has a pretty awesome special set, adding Puncture and Shaken to the Charge/Trample combo it shares with Sliggy. Damn it! I really need the cash, unless this Klik turns into an Acklay, in which case I will be fine... highly desireable mutant will not stay on the vendor long. So maybe that's how I choose: list them both, hatch the one that doesn't sell.  Ah, market forces.

So excited to get moving on the specials learning with the Master Tamer. I need a pet with Spit and Kick; I had a Gurnaset and an Eopie on live. I loved my Eopie: may opt to make one of those. Well, and I have all that Brackaset DNA too, I should run a few experiments with it.

Poor Sliggy hates tricks. 
...And did not stay broke for long. The Malosaur sold within an hour of being listed, so I hatched the Sliggy when I got home. He likes Sour Fruit. I made him up some nice Sliggy Snacks.

I spent a bit of time being social with our Mayor and a new townie, and then flipped processors and incubators. Got a stat boom on first stage of a Squall for a client, no other booms.

Also got a ping back from Hoyt, who makes top grade capped consumables, and who I had underpaid on my spree yesterday: he said we're all good, and wished me luck with my mutations. I love this community.

Except when trying to find room in the grind group... :(

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Merchanting and Master Tamer 1/16/2018

Aerys: Bol 2 = Stat boom!; Osho: Sand Panther 3 = 0; Lifa: Voritor 3 = 0; Benni: Malkloc 2 = 0

 One more chance for this:

Four more 20s made, so we have six still in stock after today's sessions.

Sold three more eggs last night, so up to 138 mill between Osho and Lifa, should go enzyme shopping soon and stock up. Maybe buy some elements too, and get the backlog worked out again. I do like having bags upon bags full of 20s. :) I definitely need to buy more canisters, and possibly more capsules as well. Will check on Lifa.

So on my way to the Bazaar terminal when got a ping from a player who had a Nexu DNA to sell, and he offered it at a great price, so I bought it; and let him know what I pay for other enzymes. He had a few, so bought those as well, then ran off to buy more at local vendors.

Popped over to Rori following the trail of cheap enzymes, and found, of all things, a WG Magseal Detector on a vendor I wasn't even waypointed towards. So lucky. And having had a terrific flow of pet sales in the last week or so, I easily had the cash for it. Makes me super happy: Aerys will have her Master Tamer's today!!!

Then on Lok, I found a listing that I suspect was a typo, that the seller forgot to add a 0 to the price, so I will ping him in game and offer to pay the other 7.2 mill for the crate I paid 800k for. Those items are expensive to make, and I'd have paid full price. I did spend another 30 mill in his shop, but still, I'd hate for him to feel I took advantage of what was clearly an honest mistake, so I sent him an in game mail offering to resolve the issue.

Okay, wow. So as I went looking for illustrations for this entry, I found the blog of the dev that first added the new mutations (Malosaur, Sligtooth Bol, etc) into the live game. I had no idea his blog was even a thing, so that was terrific to stumble across. And then, when I check the links to find out more about the beast, he has linked them back to SWGpets, the site that was (and is) our bible as Beast Masters. Best of all, in the blog page about his work for us, he thanks the BM community for their support and positive feedback for his work. I wonder if he would be willing to do an interview for this blog?|

That is a really cool thing to have found, completely unasked for. I will have to do some more research into the other devs I worked with and for during those last years of the live game.

Between the Master Tamer's Necklace, the fortuitous shopping, and discovering James Loy's blog, this has been a great day so far. I have work to do today, and am taking a friend to see Last Jedi tonight, so I can't think but it will be a great day.

...and to continue with the M theme of the title for this post...MUTANT! Malosaur, to be exact. Yay!

Got back from seeing Last Jedi and wasn't really even up to playing... (well truth to be told  wasn't up to being upright with my eyes open. It was a long day.) But figured I should flip my incus at the least, and first session run, there it is. I really didn't expect it, too. I mean I maximised chances by using highest grade materials, and all that, but... it's never good to hope too hard. This was an 8-20-20 spec, so I am very pleased. It's also the first Malosaur I've made.

It's really been a great day!

Running the Numbers 1/15/2018

Aerys: Bol 1 = 0; Osho: Sand Panther 2 = 0; Lifa: Voritor 2 = 0; Benni: Malkloc 1 = Stat boom!

Short day of play: will be going out hydro hunting tonight to stock up for the week. I am processing everything I am harvesting because why not. I have three 20s in process right now. Will need to buy more cans soon, which is why it's a good thing that we've made 60 mill in egg sales in the last week. It's very nice to log on and see another egg gone and 9 mill more in the bank.

...And did not even log back in. Got home from a long day at work and just vegged on YouTube instead of doing any game stuff. Tomorrow is another day!

The Continuous Hydro Hunt 1/13/2018

Up early, as there are things to do today. Tauntaun is level 72, from 57 last night. I should have taken better advantage of the double xp week, around Christmas. Ah well. Next one won't be that long away.

No booms on last stage of Malkloc, first stage of Mamien or second stage of Crystal Snake. Did sell a couple more eggs overnight (very glad I opted to load them before I left for the event yesterday, including the Boar Wolf egg that had been sitting in the cabinet waiting for Soulei. I can always make more, and the creds are nice, at this point. That not-quite-capped Rancor is still sitting there, which doesn't bother me, actually. If it sells, yay, if it doesn't yay.

...And no booms on second or third stages of Mamien, or on last stage of Baz Nitch, but a boom on third stage of Crystal Snake.

We are just about out of hydros, so I am running Aerys up to get more tonight. The graveyard is camped by hydro harvestors, so I am going to run the valley.

Got 9 Krayt hydros, then got spawn jumped, so died and threw those into process, then heading to Dath to do more of the Witches prologue stuff. If I see any 90 Rancors while I am out here, I'll squeeze them for their enzymes too.

...And that was a good run. 33 hydros to process (am processing all of them, since I ran that 0 pt test and go such solid results, there's no reason not to run everything). Also got five samples of Dath DNA, added a badge and another collection weapon. It reminded me how I should take a day and just complete every clicky collection I can, go exploring, get all the badges I have started.

Now set Aerys up to grind the Tauntaun. He's level 76, so it's the slow grind from here.

Got home from my trip and managed to log on just to flip processors and incubators. 3 As in the processors so that will be 3 20s I can make tomorrow.
Got a boom on last stage of  Mamien, so that's an extra bit of cash when it sells. No other booms.

Tried to set Aerys up to AFK, but the group leader did not have an invite macro running, so I just dragged her back to the lab again.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tripping 1/12/2018

Blogging from the hotel. I am across the border for an event this weekend, and won't be playing much at all, but will flip sessions. I was thinking I might  afk while here, but I think I will want my laptop on hand for writing during the (very long) days of activities. Our hotel is an hour + walk from the site, and I am not feeling up to that, especially in costume.

I did log on briefly this morning, after packing madly. No booms to report, will be flipping next sessions in a half hour or so, and I really ought to take Aerys Krayting this evening, (if I don't collapse first) as there are less than twenty processed 20s left in the pack. But first, HOT TUB!

Nothing on any of the sessions: Malkloc on second with Benni, Crystal Snakes on firsts with Lifa and Osho, Malkloc on third with Aerys.

Set Aerys up to afk the Tauntaun some more: ooh, Okoral is in the group! He was kind enough to reach out to me via FB this morning, which was honestly quite sweet. I think he's going to do a bang-up job as the Mayor of Labyrinth.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Busy Day, Barely Playing 1/11/2018

Popping into game momentarily to flip incubators and keep Aerys afk leveling her pets. Tauntaun was level 20 when I logged last night, level 37 when I checked this morning. Caught one of the group actually at the keys when I checked, so had a good conversation about BM and stuff to start my day. Helped distract me from my mild morning headache, which was good.

There was an NPC called Rune: Fugitive Jedi that he asked about: apparently he caught aggrow when he showed up to grind and the silver elite NPC incapped him before he got in the group. So he asked me about him, and when I looked him up, I found this. I had no idea any of this content existed. Crazy how much depth there is to this game. Maybe, if I live so long, I may try out every profession and explore all this amazing content. It's wonderful to be able to even have the chance, so thanks, devs, past, present and yet to come. I love this game.

Nothing on First stage of Malkloc, Baz Nitch of last stage of Choku. Ocbar ordered a Squall, so I will run and get that DNA this evening when I pop back on after work. Aerys is on last stage of her Malkloc, so she can start the Squall for him tonight. He's not in a rush: needs to save up his creds.

I am pleased that I am actually getting illustrations up for this blog. It's not even hard, I just have to get into the habit of image-searching before posting, and also at least once a week, going through my old dropbox, photobucket and facebook pages and DLing more of my pics.

Well, as I said, it's a long day of RLBM ahead of me, so I am off for now.

...And TaunTaun is level 57 now.

Nothing on second sessions of Malkloc with Osho, or Baz Nitch with Lifa, or first session of Malkloc with Benni, or first session of Baz Nitch with Aerys. Logged off because very very tired.