Sunday, April 15, 2018

Triskadekaphobia 4/13/2018

It's been a good day. I was up at a decent hour, got permission from my boss to skip work considering the weather (a hearty spring downpour), so I did some housework and then checked on Discord to see what all I have missed over the past couple of (very busy) weeks. Got a custom crafting order, logged on to give a client the vendor wp, pick up the DNAs and some more lyases, and then logged Aerys on to get some hydros.

three hours later, 60 hydros in the packs, and I am running processors already. Nee dto ping Hoggle and ask him to log in so I can stop worrying about my processing lab going poof.

I will log back in this evening to flip the processors. Whee!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spotlight! 4/9/2018

Hey look, I made a Player Spotlight! Thanks, Kracken for the chance to talk a bit about the stuff I do in the game. :)

I have had way too busy a last couple of weeks, what with several larger events in a row and prepping for some other things: lots of projects underway and on the go, and the game kinda slid by the wayside. I am back into at least logging on every day, and did check the market prices again to update my spreadsheet, so that was cool. Observations, just on the surface, prices on uncapped 60 pt pets are dropping, and there are significantly more 60s on the vendors than there were a month ago. On average the prices are holding steady, but I expect those that have their eggs listed for 25 mill and more for standard extractables aren't selling. There are still significant gaps in the market, and any beast crafter could and should find niches within the market the way I have. I will continue to try to meet the demand for thsoe beast types: it's a flexible business plan that has kept me in good creds thus far.

I really need to go hunt up some hydros though. Oi.

Had a couple booms on a couple sessions but nothing pretty yet. very low on a few enzyme colours, too: weirdly enough, Red isos are hard to come by.

Witches of Dathomir has been added back in, so I need to get on with that, too. Thursday night is likely my only opportunity to get in a good gaming session this week, although my weekend is a little more open. We will see.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boom Baby 4/2/2018

After most of a week away, I am back at it. Completely out of 20s so went and bought out everyone selling at less than 4 mill per. That's 28 in the lab now.

  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 1=0
  • Aerys: Whisper Bird 3=0
  • Lifa: Thune 1=0
  • Benni: Uwari Beetle 1=BOOM! (Evasion)
Was nice to poke my head in. I have a busy week of cooking ahead of me, so I will be logging in only to flip sessions, shop for enzymes and maybe do a hunt to stock up, till Monday next week. We are coming into my busy season, so I will be having less play time, need to concentrate on a lot of other things.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


It has been a week.

I have no stat booms in the incubators, have been playhing sporadically due to work and health and other factors.

Ran for two hours with a guildie last night and got some hydros for processing, which was good, as I spent 28 mill on processed 20s just to keep the incubators going. I hate feeding the market at that price, but sometimes, needs must as the devil drives.

Today is a big medieval club event and due to issues in my purview I am less than keen on going, but I volunteered for a vital job, so I kind of have to. My heart is *not* in it. This morning is going to be a *grind*.

...And that went better than I thought. I had a good time. the worst of it was completely unrelated drama. Yay! And then I got two Booms! Yay!

Sunday, March 18, 2018


  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 1=0
  • Lifa: Angler 3=0
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 3=BOOM! Strikethrough.
That's three stat hits on a Salty. Nice beast!

Off to be RL BM for the day. Back this evening. Hope I have enough energy to play tonight: need those hydros!

Friday, March 16, 2018


  • Lifa: Angler 1=BOOM! (Dodge)
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 1=BOOM (Dodge)
  • Benni: Zucca Boar 1=0
  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 2=0
Osho's inventory is crammed with schematics: I should have a crafting day soon and get those items made up and put to use.

Ran about on Aerys and did some shopping for enzymes.

  • Lifa: Angler 2=0
  • Benni: Zucca Boar 2=0
  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 3=
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 2=BOOM! (Health)

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Just ran processors last night, and loaded that Mutant Thune onto the vendor. Sold within three hours. We have a quarter billion in the bank now...

Oh, and Kracken pinged me with a request last night, so there's a thing we are working on together. Yay!