Sunday, March 18, 2018


  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 1=0
  • Lifa: Angler 3=0
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 3=BOOM! Strikethrough.
That's three stat hits on a Salty. Nice beast!

Off to be RL BM for the day. Back this evening. Hope I have enough energy to play tnight: need those hydros!

Friday, March 16, 2018


  • Lifa: Angler 1=BOOM! (Dodge)
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 1=BOOM (Dodge)
  • Benni: Zucca Boar 1=0
  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 2=0
Osho's inventory is crammed with schematics: I should have a crafting day soon and get those items made up and put to use.

Ran about on Aerys and did some shopping for enzymes.

  • Lifa: Angler 2=0
  • Benni: Zucca Boar 2=0
  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 3=
  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 2=BOOM! (Health)

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Just ran processors last night, and loaded that Mutant Thune onto the vendor. Sold within three hours. We have a quarter billion in the bank now...

Oh, and Kracken pinged me with a request last night, so there's a thing we are working on together. Yay!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Slight Delay... 3/13/2018

A menstrual migraine took me out of playing contention last night, so I did not even log in, much less score a hunt. I guess I will have to do that tonight, after work.
  • Aerys: Gulginaw 3=0
  • Lifa: Thune 2=BOOM (Strikethrough)
  • Oshorym: Sand Panther 2=0
And... then...

  • Oshorym: Sand Panther 3=0
  • Aerys: Zucca Boar 1=0
  • Lifa: Thune 3=BOOM! Tusked Bull Thune!
Yay! First one of those I've made on Legends! Oooh, I wanna hatch it, too... but no, creds are more needed than pretty muties.

I did run off and get an hour and a half's hunt done, got 30 hydros worth harvesting, could have done more but I was being a good hostess to a friend who was over for a visit. Tomorrow is another long day but at least I'll have some hydros in for processing. Short day's play, but good.

Crumby thing: chat servers and mails are down again. :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back in the Saddle 3/12/2018

  • Aerys: Gulginaw 2=0
  • Benni: Angler 3=0
  • Lifa: Thune 1=0
  • Oshorym: Sand Panther 1=BOOM! (Critical Hit)
And back at work today, so will play when I get home.

Friday, March 9, 2018


  • Lifa: Varactyl 2=0
  • Benni: Angler 1=BOOM! (Evasion Rating)
  • Oshorym: Bageraset 2=BOOM! (Strikethrough)
Logged Aerys in Doaba where she has been helping the non-combat characters get through the clickables. They left those collections up, although they did move them around some. I don't mind, just need to actually get all of them done on all the toons. Did spend some creds on processing cans cuz we were out out, and enzymes because we burn through those like mad. I hope to heck I can run krayts tomorrow after wok but before I leave for the Island for the weekend, as with those booms I really want to maximise my chances of a second boom on either of those DNAs, and I have 1 processed 20 left and at most 5 more coming, so yeah, I need those raws.
The guild is setting up a BM Test lab, which is wicked cool, so I will be stripping all the lower grade isos off the vendor and throwing them into that, as well as processing a bunch of mutagen hydros for testing/confirming purposes. I think with a dedicated effort we could find the new mutants. :) I will likely throw Benni and Lifa into that, as I am currently overproducing beasts for my own sales and use purposes.

That said, we have over 150 mill between all 5 toons, and that's a pretty comfie cushion for how I play. I spend it like water, but it seems to flow back when I do so. I think I will offer up one of the Tiglon eggs as a prize for the next Guild event.

To be honest, I am straight up just not used to having folks to play with. My style has been shaped around working things through on my own for so long, I need to get back into shared and co-operative gameplay. You know, when I have the time and my head stops protesting headsets quite so much.
  • Lifa: Varactyl 3=BOOM! (Block Chance)
Okay, whoa. That is the first time I have had two stats on the same stat! I didn't even know that was possible!
  • Benni: Angler 2=0
  • Aerys: Gulginaw 1=0
Anyway, I am off for the weekend, after a quick day at work, so I doubt I will be on to play much till I get home.


Well double everything is over and the clickables are gone, but I can still get all the paintings, so that pleases me. The thing is, waypoints to all the clickables are pretty much known and it's just a question of plugging them all in and driving around heall's half acre clicking on random shit. That's an afternoon, right there. The Force Shui stuff isn't even that long. Benni and Osho are I think the only ones who need it now.

I am very glad to have participated in thos events: felt good to be visiting places and looking for things. Speaking of which there is still one undiscovered VIP ticket left... I am trying not to obsess. :P

  • Aerys: Kliknik 3=0
  • Lifa: Varactyl 1=BOOM (Block Chance)
Dont have time for any more experiments this morning. Also need to buy cans, so I guess I am sending Aerys off to do that, since Osho is still sampling on Mustie. Have 11k of that ore so far. It's really not very much. :(