Tuesday, February 20, 2018


  • Benni: Pharple 1=0
  • Lifa: Pharple 1=BOOM (Strikethrough)
  • Oshorym: Slice Hound 3=0
  • Aerys: Dalyrake 2=0
Sold 15 mill more on Osho. Mails are down so I am not sure what sold. Will do market research tomorrow sometime to see if I can figure it out.

Okay mails were back up today, so here is what sold in the last 10 days:
Double stat-mutated Shaupaut; Langlatch, Bol, stat mutated Choku, mount grade Blurrg, Angler, Jax, stat mutated Crystal Snake, uncapped Horned Raptor, stat-mutated Brackaset and uncapped, stat-mutated Kliknik. 182 mill in sales in 10 days. That's solid. I will keep monitoring that, and see if there's a way for me to chart it visually.

Have 13 20s, so will have to go hunting tonight. I have some housework to do at the moment, and plans for the evening to make.

And home, but tired, so may play more tomorrow than today.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Triple Boom (But not the best kind, not yet) 2/18/2018

It has been a couple days since I have had the time and inclination to post. I have not been playing much, concentrating on much more of my real life, as this weekend I was to play hostess to a whole group of people learning some esoteric (zombie apocalypse survival) skills. So I had to get the house cleaned and organised so we would have room for everyone to sit and do and learn and socialise, and it was a lot of work, but so worth it for the way things around here feel now.

Anywho, I finished processing the last of those hydros that Vlos and I hunted up yesterday, Made a few great 20s, including one 12.25 on the mutagen, which is a personal best. Just in time, too, as I started a Dalyrake this afternoon, and it hit a boom on hit Chance in first stage. Of course, if I use the high mutagen 20, it won't hit on second, but I gotta try. :)

  • Aerys: Dalyrake 1=BOOM (Health)
  • Lifa: Kliknik 3= BOOM (Strikethrough Bonus)
  • Osho: Slice Hound 2=BOOM (Strikethrough Bonus)
I am almost tempted to grab some Pharple DNA and see if the streak holds for Benni too. If I could get some Pharple DNA worth incubating. I was one Kashyyyk for two hours and got so little of value it was disappointing. And with Pharples not being on terminals on Lok, it's a bit frustrating.

In the small bit of gaming time this week, I did actually get further towards finishing Osho\s shop, and I am pretty happy with how that looks. Need to build him a crafting space/office in the back room and then a little grove in the private space, as a temporary solution to the lack of a Kash Treehouse.

Oh, and I did have a good if brief chat with Ash regarding a super secret project, which i had some thoughts about later, so we will be continuing the conversation, I hope, to see fruition sooner rather than later.

I have not made it back to the Love Fest things, but I will get back into that n all toons as soon as I can. Lifa needs sets of wings for her vendors in all the colours. Honestly, I want to do some clothing crafting soon, too. Kinda bored of Aerys's current outfit.

Ooh! sold that uncapped Horned Raptor egg! 100 mill in the bank! Yay! So I can go shopping for more enzymes and processables and! Yayayayay! So I sold 5 capped pets and one mutation in the last week. Will do another market look over tomorrow to get a sense of movement, but I think my current strategy is working well, so I will likley produce a few more "gap" creatures and keep chasing those missing mtations. I have crossed three off the lists so far. Here's hoping they don't add another new one before we find these two, or we have no time to even celebrate finding the one. Speaking of Legend's specific mutations, I still really want a Carax. I should go get some more Torton DNA.

Anywho, logging on to drag Aerys home and calling it a night.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Allaylu Ta Nuv

It is in fact Valentines Day and yet it seems the Ewok Love Fest is not a thing this year?

I am kind of okay with that, as I have less time to play while I am getting my real life house deco done and such.

Aerys had a boom on stage two of a Kusak, so here's hoping for another tomorrow, so we can either write that one off, or find one of the new mutants.

Ash and I are starting to discuss a new super secret project, so hopefully that will come to fruition sooner rather than later.

I am cleaning house today, so will be logging on later tonight to go hydro hunting, hopefully with company. Still have 11 20s but won't get much chance to hunt till after the weekend, what with everything I have on deck before then. It's tonight or Monday, I think.

Had a terrific hunt with Vlos, got 70 processable hydros which was great. Now bed!

Monday, February 12, 2018

It's Official, You All can Blame Ash Now 2/11/2018

yay, Ash was able to figure out how I'd fucked it up and I can log in again! Yay!

  • Aerys: Thune 1=0
  • Lifa: Malkloc 3=0
  • Benni: Baz Nitch 2=0
  • Oshorym: Kliknik 3= BOOM! (Glancing Blow)
And six more 20s in progress. I should go hunting no later than Monday night.

Okay kids. Bedtime. 

And up, and off to the barn and then archery practice.

Home now, ponies fed and happy in the sun, and targets well pierced, and a lot of housework yet to do, so I am eating to fuel up and playing to relax and then going to get on with my work.

  • Aerys: Thune 2=0
  • Lifa: Mamien 1=0
  • Benni: Baz Nitch 3=0
  • Oshorym: Kliknik 1=0
Wah, no boomses.

Ah well. I did post up the eggs, and a notice about purchasing of enzymes. it would be grand if the harvesters brought them to me rather than me having to go get them. Would save me some time, if not any money.

Ran Aerys to Lok to gather random DNA. Not a bad harvest: got about 10 usable samples in an hour or so.

Too many hours till the incus can be switched, so I went to bed.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Graphic Language 2/10/2108

So before I afked at the Janta spawn, I had a great chat with Ash. Oh gosh, evil plans are afoot, my fellow Mad Scientists!

  • Aerys: Brackaset 3=0 (Not 100% sure I used the right lyase... /sigh)
  • Benni: Baz Nitch 1=0
  • Lifa: Malkloc 2=0
  • Oshorym: Kliknik 2=0
AFKing the Sligtooth. Level 49 when I set up last night, level 62 when I popped back in to flip processors and incubators.

I think I have figured out what the issue with the legends forum is: I am logged in to my main google account on Chrome, but my forum account was logged in from the work Google, so... there's a disconnect between the one and the other. I am not sure how to fix this, but Ima guess it would be by changing my basic account info on the SWG Legends forum. I hope I can even do that...

Okay, tentatively, that might have worked. If I can figure out how to confirm my email address...


Nope. Nothing's working.

Sent a message to Ash and cried like a lil girl for help. He'll hopefully be able to take a look when he gets home from work.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Two More Days in One

  • Oshorym: Kliknik 1=0
  • Lifa: Gaping Spider 1= BOOM! (Evasion)
  • Benni: Voritor 1=0
  • Aerys: Brackaset 1=0
Processing sessions ongoing: 7 20s under way, and 2 mutagen reprocessors running. Vlos also gave me 6 20s last night, and access to his lab supplies, so I am ransacking as I go. Definitely need more >89.4s in all colours to really maximise the quality of my attempts.

And boy howdy, I need DNA. If I were to spend an hour a day per planet I am sure I could build up a decent stock. Time, my friends: who has any time for sale?

  • Oshorym: Kliknik 2=0
  • Lifa: Gaping Spider 2= BOOM! (Block Chance)
I just ran processors. Getting some nice returns

  • Oshorym: Kliknik 3=0
  • Lifa Gaping Spider 3=0
  • Benni: Voritor 2=0
  • Aerys: Brackaset 2=BOOM! (Evasion)
Cool. A chance to see if the Brackaset is the source DNA for one of the new mutations.

And yay, GL is online! Frand!

And he needs some clothes made, so I guess I know what I am going to do with my morning. 
Tailor Shopping List: 
  • Nabooian Scaley
  • Tat Woolly
  • Marauder Arms
  • Padded Arms
  • Ubese Armour Shirt
Now running on Yavin then Dath, just DNA and enzyme hunting. Gota few nice hydros off the Scorpion Klikniks too. :)

Now to work on my real life stuff. Back in a few hours.

  • Lifa: Malkloc 1=BOOM! (Glancing Blow)
  • Osho: Kliknik 1=0
Okay, going to bed now.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dathomir Harvest 2/7/2018

Carnivore meat is good on Dath right now, (thanks, Greenlotus for the tip, and Happy Birthday, dude!)

I flipped processors and ran off to do more of the Dath Prologue quests for shiggles, chatting merrily with GL, being as the chat servers were operative again this morning. Had a brill convo regarding cultural mores and imbalances, and different approaches we as individuals can take to make our real world a better place. I so enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.

Had dinner with my honey and a couple I really admire last night, and one of them got me seriously fired up abaout a scary cool space MMO currently in beta... Oog. Here's the link. Sexiest damned thing!

  • Lifa: Mamien 1=0
  • Lifa: Mamien 2=0, scrub.
Logged on when I got home to meet up with my old friend Vlos to run and harvest a bunch of hydros. Had another brilliant conversation and got a tonne of materials, not only from the hunt, but also because Vlos gave me access to his stores of enzymes, which could not be better times, as I have been spending a lot of time ransacking the bazaar.

It's late and I am going to bed very soon. I have a shorter day tomorrow, should be home in good time to get some housework done before I play.