Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 41: Seats in the Senate

Flipped incus and processors, 2 and a half hours to go on two incus. Started a Blurrg with Aerys, got a boom on first stage.

Vended a not-quite-capped Rockmite, and then switched to Secret Crafter to make some clothes for the event. Made like 60 items of pretty bikinis and summer wear for the beachwear competition, thinking I'd be able to set up a vendor near it and sell bikinis and mounts. But no, the Reb porton was on Endor, instead of somewhere players could drop a merch tent, like Corellia. /cry.

I spent quite a bit of the evening chatting with guildies in game. Hoggle was excited, as he's just been accepted to a staff position, so he will be stepping out of the Senatorial position, and he's nominated me to step in.  I'd like to do it, but I'd also be okay with just playing and enjoying the game again. We'll have to see.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 40: Crafting and Kashyyyk

Flipped processors and Incus first, then got on Osho and assembled his resources to craft some of the Architect Schema he's been hanging onto. Couches and Radar Screens and Tanned Hides, oh my! Not sure how much of a market there is for purely deco stuff, but I like doing it.

Then switched to Aerys and got her daily Love Fest stuff done, then took her to Kashyyyk to get some leathery hide for the backpack schematic the Domestics crafter has learned. Oh god there's a whole story thing to do here, and if I want that Webweaver rug Ima have to do it! Picked up a few started quests, but the server is shutting down and I have a long list of RL stuff to do today, so I called it at that point. Got the leathery, but it took more than it should have to do so: only the jyykle vultures have leathery hide on Kash.

No booms means starting fresh tonight and tomorrow: I need to throw that Flit in for my middle kiddle, and maybe put a couple pegs into some other capped crafts for the vendor. Sand Panther sold yesterday, so Osho has cash again. Priority 1 is getting Aerys' her gloves and necklace.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 39: No Booms and Necklaces

Flipped incus and processors, then ran osho around to find a better spawn of Copper for his crafting. Slowly building up the supplies I need to be a capable deco crafter, at least. Did a lil market research too: not a lot of eggs on the bazaar, and ffffff, some things are so expensive! I want rugs!

No boom on his CuPa this morning: one more session to try for CoHenpa. 6 more hours for the Secret Crafter's incubator, same for Aerys. Left her in the cave, restarted the grind a lil further over: Piggie is almost 89! So close! With luck, I'll get him there today! And then I have to run Aerys up to Kashyyyk to kill things for the hide I need for those loot schem backpacks with all the stats. Should also get moving on the Kash quests: I do want a Webweaver rug (or four) for the lab. Plus more Rebel Rugs. RUGS!

Late night login before bed: still no booms, but five more 20s finished.catching up n the unprocessed elements, as I was unable to get more hydros in before server reset.

Did get a squinch of grinding done: ULF is level 89 and half way to 90, which is awesome. I still don't have any of his Rank 5 specials: need the Master Tamer's Necklace, and Minder Gloves to make that easier.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 38: Hoggle's Hatching

Flipped incus and processors, but not much play time today. Did get last stage boom on the Mamein that had visually bugged yesterday. Wish Atlen had been on hand for that, as he was about a few minutes later to watch Hoggle hatch the Jundak.

Started a  Rockmite, in hopes of a Kubazza Beetle for Hoggle, but no boom on first session. Ran around the city lots, and made Hoggle a red Light Gem, as he is decoing the back room of the Hospital for his incubation sessions. I need to get the walls built so I can hang the kit bags in the front room. Whee. More sorting and deco. Will have to wait till I have some dedicated play time.

Parked Aerys in the Janta cave with Hoggle to help him level the Jundak. Still need 4 levels on ULF, and then have to grind up the Dalyrake. I need to name him, too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 37: Queries about Quirks

My incubator bugged up on me this morning. It took the session, used my enzymes, triggered the timer but showed stage 1. I will try again tonight and see if I get a second stage or if it reverts back again. will screenie it, just in case it bugs, as I get nothing back from a bug report without a visual log. Processed hydros are way expensive to waste on this kinda thing.

I processed a few things, picked up a couple CuPa missions on Tat, then ran around to a few vendors and picked up isos: in particular we need greens, especially as I'm going to be running CuPas for the next couple of days. (There's a mount Race event happening this weekend, which I won't be about for, but would like to have a few mounts on vendors for it.) Osho had a first stage hit on the first one started, so I will process up for Mutagen and get some heavy mutagen hydros to try for a couple mutant mounts. I loved my Cohenpa on live, so would love to have him back.

Todays NoobDoc moment was when Hoggle reminded me that /locate is how you find lost structures. So glad he told me that. I've prolly already lost a couple harvies due to not being able to recall that command. :P

Did get a third stage boom on Hoggle's Jundak. (Of course: shoulda been trying for the Spined Rancor or Mutant Acklay!) Statistics wise, I ran my numbers again, and I am now 19 mutation events in 90 sessions, which is a marginally more reasonable 20% chance. We will have to see how long that lasts. I wouldn't call what I do maximising chances though. In a year, I may have enough data on all the toons to state what percentages I am actually at. It's tempting, but also misleading to be calculating an accurate ratio before I have amassed enough data.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 36: Junk and Jundaks

I don't believe it. I had a half hour before I had to run into work, and logged on for a few minutes, flipped incubators. Pulled the Graul egg, then switched toons to run Aerys' next session and what do you know, but BOOM!

So now I need a 14 pt Hydro to finish that egg off, and Hoggle gets himself a Jundak. I am flabbergasted. That makes 4 app mutations in less than 6 weeks of active playing. I looked back over my stats: using high grade (if not always top) materials, I have achieved 12 stats and 4 apps in 74 incubation sessions. That's 16 mutation events out of 74, which means I am running about over 21% chance of mutation. That can't be the actual programmed chance. Maybe I should be going for Spined Rancor, or for Acklay, while the luck is on my side!

Anywho, off to work, will log back on later and flip processors. Don't have much time to play today.

Logged in very briefly in the evening, got processors flipped and such, and had a lovely chat with Mango, telling him all about the scientific work the BM community did back in the day: how we worked together to discover the maths behind all aspects of our profession. I think I talk too much: I need to make sure I let the guys in Discord know I do that and that they can shut me up whenever they need to. And then more fun with Vixie (shenanigans are afoot there, as we discovered we share a hobby or two).

Day 35: Auctioning an Egg

Hoggle found me a 13, so I threw that session in. We discussed it last night and agreed that since neither of us really want it, we should sell it and split the creds, so I posted to the BM forum on the website that we'd be auctioning the egg. Was pmed only a frew minutes later with an offer to buy it outrigtht. I'd rather see how high the market will go on it: it may be as low as 100-150 mill, but it could be higher. Auctions were a standard way of learning what at item was worth in the game on live, so we'll see what all we get for it now.

Switched to Aerys and started a Dalyrake, got a stat boom on first session. Dalyrakes are cool, the thing they mutate into might be my least favourite beast in game, the Jundak. If I get it (hah!) I know Hoggle will want it, at least.

Grind group was full, but the conversation in Diuscord was fun and funny and I reiterate how much I like being able to talk to my fellow players. I have a lot of information to impart, and stories to tell and it's great to have a method to do that, although I have to be careful I don't neglect my other outlets, like this blog.

Ran Aerys through her next dailies for Love Fest and then parkjed her at the Kunga cave on Dant to try and get a level or two on the Piggy while I sleep.