Sunday, June 17, 2018

6/17/2018 Research Lab in New Chilastra

Put in the research lab today, and got a solid start on the deco. Also spent a whack of cash on hydros just so I can get back into making beasts. Started a Binjinphant with purchased DNA, and got a mutation in the first session: couple more hours before I can flip that and see how we do in section 2.

Started a Jax in the Research Lab, and realised I will need a research suit made up. Will add the materials to the shopping list.

Research Lab needs storage, too, so I am going to check Lifa's other buildings to see if I can pull off any crates and use them there. Should also check to see that she's in fact finished her starge collections, while I am at it.

The other major task I have to get rolling on is setting up the processing lab again. I am considering bringing the muta processing to Naboo, and expanding it... not 100% convinced I can feed my own needs for raw hydros if I do, but it's worth considering. I could process the less than 6.5s for mutagen regardless of their raw muta. I should be able to triple the raw mutagen.

I need uncapped lyases as well: I feel bad about wasting 11s on uncapped or throwaway attempts.

Busy busy.

All of this is just helping distract me from the anxiety I am having about my poor dog, who has been in vet hospital since yesterday afternoon. I am worried, and the game is helping me not think too much about it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

6/16/2018 No Booms, But...

The new Endor critter was found! It's a Binjinphant and it looks so cute! I wants!

So far no luck on getting a lair to spawn for me on Endor: I probably need to bring friends. /sigh

Good thing I have a rocking guild, who just set up a spot in the city for me to run a research lab in, and donated a bunch of enzymes to help that happen. A hunting party shouldn't be that hard to co-ordinate. I will need a headset though...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Game Support

So two cool KickStarter campaigns I am assisting with: one just finished, and one just started. The one that just finished met its funding goal, is based on a crazy awesome couple of games that my roomies helped develop, and I highly, highly recommend them for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is the depth of LORE. These games are DEEP, and have some pretty fantastic and detailed thought behind them.

It helps that they are also ridiculously fun to play.

So there's that. If you are so inclined, check out Sword of the Stars, The Pit, Crypt of the Necrodancer, all by Kerberos Productions on Steam. And if you like 'em, dude, give them a good review! If you love them, ping me, and as soon as my copy of The Pit boardgame arrives, I will invite you over for an all-nighter play through. (You think I'm kidding...!)

The other project is a concept by one of SWG's own: a guy who was instrumental in players' understanding of a whole lot of game mechanics and balancing and combat. His armour mitigations chart was fundamental in explaining to people how diminishing returns work and why they are a necessary part of considerations in designing fun-to-play combat games. The game is called Rock, Paper, Monsters and I hope to god this things makes it's fundraising goals, because the guy behind it is great, the concept is cool and fun, and easy to learn but with some great variability (and expandability) built in. So please, check out the Kickstarter and if you see fit to support the game, thank you for helping a couple Galaxy players achieve a life-long dream (his to get the game out there, and me to play it with my friends!)

6/13/2018 Back at 'Er

I took a hiatus for a while, was working on a big-deal project in my medieval hobby group, and now that that is done with, I have some time and energy to put back into the game. I actually have been playing intermittently for a week or so, but now have actually gotten things moving forward in the BM side of things. so I figured I should maybe come back and post. I will be digging up a headset soon, so I cna start being social on the Discord again, as my guild is still quite active and busy and has even opted to start some RP, which is so cool: I cannot wait for that!

I did re-check the bazaar listings for 60 pt pets, and have some maths to do before I can report in a detailed fashion, but overall the market looks healthy enough. Double XP weekends definitely spike sales, however, which would point to the leveling grind still off-putting newer folks from giving combat BM a try. Anywho, with 216 beasts listed at present, the demand is being fed. Prices range from 5 mill to 35 mill for standard extractable DNA, which tells me some crafting BMs are not adept at reading the bazaar terminals. I have not done the market research on consumables and enzymes, but I would be very surprised if there was much profit to be had at 5 mill an egg. I will do that research sometime soon, just so I can present a detailed tracking. Six months is a good time frame for the kind of in depth market analysis I am thinking of.

It's my birthday today, and for my birthday I got: a stat hit on a Bolle Bol (hoping for any mutation, because I love the Tusked Bolle Bol Stag: I was the one to unlock the mutant on TC, and it was all Huntsya's Fault, but also because it's on the short list of possible new mutations the devs have added. They told us one is a Complex App; the other is not, and one is from Endor, one from Lok. While the Lok list is shorter, I like the beasties and the mutants from Endor better. Apparently there's also a new critter in the wild on Endor, but for all that I've been running around there
the last couple of play sessions, I have not seen hide nor hair of it.

Any way, I also got a stat hit on a Kliknik. As an Acklay to sell would be a great booster for the character bank at present, I also have not made a single Complex App since logging onto Legends, so... even though it's known, it would still be neat. And yeah, I'd sell the Mutant Acklay if I managed to make one: prolly get 4-500 mill for it.

I have enough 20s to finish out those two hits, but I definitely need to finish re-building the Processing Lab, and then spending a few nights stocking up on raw hydros and getting in the swing of processing again. Considering the uphill slog has definitely slowed me down some. I can overcome that.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Triskadekaphobia 4/13/2018

It's been a good day. I was up at a decent hour, got permission from my boss to skip work considering the weather (a hearty spring downpour), so I did some housework and then checked on Discord to see what all I have missed over the past couple of (very busy) weeks. Got a custom crafting order, logged on to give a client the vendor wp, pick up the DNAs and some more lyases, and then logged Aerys on to get some hydros.

three hours later, 60 hydros in the packs, and I am running processors already. Nee dto ping Hoggle and ask him to log in so I can stop worrying about my processing lab going poof.

I will log back in this evening to flip the processors. Whee!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spotlight! 4/9/2018

Hey look, I made a Player Spotlight! Thanks, Kracken for the chance to talk a bit about the stuff I do in the game. :)

I have had way too busy a last couple of weeks, what with several larger events in a row and prepping for some other things: lots of projects underway and on the go, and the game kinda slid by the wayside. I am back into at least logging on every day, and did check the market prices again to update my spreadsheet, so that was cool. Observations, just on the surface, prices on uncapped 60 pt pets are dropping, and there are significantly more 60s on the vendors than there were a month ago. On average the prices are holding steady, but I expect those that have their eggs listed for 25 mill and more for standard extractables aren't selling. There are still significant gaps in the market, and any beast crafter could and should find niches within the market the way I have. I will continue to try to meet the demand for thsoe beast types: it's a flexible business plan that has kept me in good creds thus far.

I really need to go hunt up some hydros though. Oi.

Had a couple booms on a couple sessions but nothing pretty yet. very low on a few enzyme colours, too: weirdly enough, Red isos are hard to come by.

Witches of Dathomir has been added back in, so I need to get on with that, too. Thursday night is likely my only opportunity to get in a good gaming session this week, although my weekend is a little more open. We will see.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boom Baby 4/2/2018

After most of a week away, I am back at it. Completely out of 20s so went and bought out everyone selling at less than 4 mill per. That's 28 in the lab now.

  • Oshorym: Salt Mynock 1=0
  • Aerys: Whisper Bird 3=0
  • Lifa: Thune 1=0
  • Benni: Uwari Beetle 1=BOOM! (Evasion)
Was nice to poke my head in. I have a busy week of cooking ahead of me, so I will be logging in only to flip sessions, shop for enzymes and maybe do a hunt to stock up, till Monday next week. We are coming into my busy season, so I will be having less play time, need to concentrate on a lot of other things.