Monday, July 2, 2018

New Mutation Found!

Barbed Vesp becomes something called a Horned Dune Kimogila. Stole the pic from the auction:

The first one on the server, ever, in the entire game, was sold at auction with an asking price of 850 mill (no idea how much it actually went for, but that was what the asking price was). Amazing.

That rounds out the last of the mutations the devs added last year. I've had a hint that they will be adding other new critters soon, I've specifically requested the Massif and the Guarlara be added to our craftable list, and if they are trying to think outside the box, Katarn and Praetorian should also be considered.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Anniversary Events and Other Distractions 6/27/2018

So Galaxies turned 15 years old a day or two ago, and I kind of wish I had more time to reminisce, as so many of my memories of this game are sweet and lovely, and not as bitter because I am busy making new ones.

The Legends team outdid themselves by making up an anniversary event that was a quest that takes players all over the Galaxy by getting them to answer riddles whose answers were locations. I actually went to the Emperor's retreat on Naboo, which was a first, for me. I love that even after 8 years of playing, there are still many places I haven't been and many things I haven't done in this game.

I had fun on the quest, and the prize is a new deco item which if I needed to level a toon to 90, I could use, and *finally* they have made it so the item is not consumed in the process. That pleases me immensely, as I like deco so much.

I had a stat boom on a Quenker DNA, but no other action in the incubators, and I have been pumping out processed hydros as fast as I can. Aerys has hunted enzymes every night except last night, and I will again tonight. I might also go shopping to see if there are bags of unprocessed out there for reasonable prices, or if anyone is up to hunting with me, as company makes it go much faster. I really should pick up a headset for gaming with.

Sold one of the capped crafted Binjinphant eggs for enough to recoup the cost of all that DNA and a couple of the hydros, and am currently discussing pet crafting with a newcomer: her husband wanted a canine type, I gave her a price and she said sounds great, except her husband used the enzymes on a mount (urk! what a waste of 89.4s and 11s!) and also had changed his mind to... a Rancor! So now I am explaining that mutations are not a thing I can produce on demand, even with all the capped stuff in the world, so... yeah. I recommended they spend some time on SWGpets to get a better idea of what pets are achievable for the price I quoted her. We'll see what she says.

Anyway, off to be a RL BM and trainer for the day. Back later to hunt some dragons!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hunting of the Hydrolases! 6/25/2018

I flipped the processors this morning, and did a bit more sorting of my processing lab. I seem to have lost the bag labelled >16 of processed elements, or conceivably, it was empty and I just renamed it something and used it. I made two more 20s, so will likely start a couple Mantigrues in an attempt to get myself a Tikobi, the newly discovered mutation. Am now shopping on Lifa to pick up some A elements to process, so I can whip together a few more. As are way cheaper than finished hydros: I am very glad I got my processing lab together. Wish I'd done it before spending 120 mill on 20s, lol. Meh, easy come, easy go, honestly.

Ground out 20 kills, got 12 processables and 4 8s above 5 mutagen; started two chubas and threw in second session on the Mantigrue attempt. No juy there, but I did get a boom on the second Chuba DNA, so... a Chubafly egg tsale would help balance the books, I gotta say.

Figured it would be easier and more two-birds if I ran to Dath to hunt more hydros: need to get into the habit of hunting to feed the processors. Got to Dath, drove to the quest spot, but was passing out while killing rancors, which is a great way to end up dead, so Ima crash and play more in the morning, if I wake early enough.

More soon!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Real Life Beastmastery Is Not Always Awesome 6/24/2018

It;s been something of a rough week. Friday the 15, my beloved mutt The Woodge became lethargic and mopey, and late in the evening when he jumped up onto the couch he let out a yelp, as though something was very painful. I did a quick baseline exam, could see nothing except a slightly elevated temperature, and a mildly hunched posture, which could mean anything from tummy or back pain to constipation. I let it be, but when he did not improve over the next day, I took him in to the local vet hospital. (if only I were Aerys and had bacta tanks at my command... which leads to a whole different question...).

He was there for three days, having IV fluids and antibiotics, and a massive battery of tests including xrays and an ultrasound, only to find... nothing. He had a fever, it's down, but he is still maybe 30% energy and definitely still in pain on the back end from *something*. My next choice is going to ask a RMT I know who works on dogs to have a look at him. His pain has reflected in me: I am sad more and worried more and not taking the best care of myself while fretting over him. It was not cheap either, so right when I want to be spending more time at home with him, I am having to take more clients and push harder at work.

So yeah. I have logged in and at least gotten my processing lab back into workable condition, and have been making a few pets by the stupidest most expensive method of buying 20s on vendors, instead of hunting for and processing my own. Well, now that the lab is put together better I will get back to hunting and stocking my own crafts.

I think I will turn the NC lab house into a teaching lab, and set it up to help guildies understand how to process and incubate pets. Strikes me as it would make a good demo ground. I could set it up as a Beast Crafting School, could even cover all the basis: crafting components for Processing, processing cycles and incubation... Hm. That idea has potential. Maybe once I ear the super cool new reward for Empire Day celebrations: a Rebel themed house! Once again, I gotta say, I really appreciate the dev team working to keep this  great server going and growing.

One of the two new mutations has been found: it's cool and I am looking forward to making one. The other is likely to be a third stage on a known simple, which means it's possible we won't see one ever, as third stages are super hard to achieve. I have done so twice in Legends though, so maybe... :) At any rate, it's either the Vesp or the Spined Snake, so I suspect we will soon see more of the Finned Blaggart and the Barbed Vesp on the bazaar.

Catch ya on the flip!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Research Lab in New Chilastra 6/17/2018

Put in the research lab today, and got a solid start on the deco. Also spent a whack of cash on hydros just so I can get back into making beasts. Started a Binjinphant with purchased DNA, and got a mutation in the first session: couple more hours before I can flip that and see how we do in section 2.

Started a Jax in the Research Lab, and realised I will need a research suit made up. Will add the materials to the shopping list.

Research Lab needs storage, too, so I am going to check Lifa's other buildings to see if I can pull off any crates and use them there. Should also check to see that she's in fact finished her starge collections, while I am at it.

The other major task I have to get rolling on is setting up the processing lab again. I am considering bringing the muta processing to Naboo, and expanding it... not 100% convinced I can feed my own needs for raw hydros if I do, but it's worth considering. I could process the less than 6.5s for mutagen regardless of their raw muta. I should be able to triple the raw mutagen.

I need uncapped lyases as well: I feel bad about wasting 11s on uncapped or throwaway attempts.

Busy busy.

All of this is just helping distract me from the anxiety I am having about my poor dog, who has been in vet hospital since yesterday afternoon. I am worried, and the game is helping me not think too much about it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

No Booms, But... 6/16/2018

The new Endor critter was found! It's a Binjinphant and it looks so cute! I wants!

So far no luck on getting a lair to spawn for me on Endor: I probably need to bring friends. /sigh

Good thing I have a rocking guild, who just set up a spot in the city for me to run a research lab in, and donated a bunch of enzymes to help that happen. A hunting party shouldn't be that hard to co-ordinate. I will need a headset though...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Game Support

So two cool KickStarter campaigns I am assisting with: one just finished, and one just started. The one that just finished met its funding goal, is based on a crazy awesome couple of games that my roomies helped develop, and I highly, highly recommend them for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is the depth of LORE. These games are DEEP, and have some pretty fantastic and detailed thought behind them.

It helps that they are also ridiculously fun to play.

So there's that. If you are so inclined, check out Sword of the Stars, The Pit, Crypt of the Necrodancer, all by Kerberos Productions on Steam. And if you like 'em, dude, give them a good review! If you love them, ping me, and as soon as my copy of The Pit boardgame arrives, I will invite you over for an all-nighter play through. (You think I'm kidding...!)

The other project is a concept by one of SWG's own: a guy who was instrumental in players' understanding of a whole lot of game mechanics and balancing and combat. His armour mitigations chart was fundamental in explaining to people how diminishing returns work and why they are a necessary part of considerations in designing fun-to-play combat games. The game is called Rock, Paper, Monsters and I hope to god this things makes it's fundraising goals, because the guy behind it is great, the concept is cool and fun, and easy to learn but with some great variability (and expandability) built in. So please, check out the Kickstarter and if you see fit to support the game, thank you for helping a couple Galaxy players achieve a life-long dream (his to get the game out there, and me to play it with my friends!)