Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 17: Splits and Slaying Dark Jedi

Logging back in after server reset, getting pretty set into the habit of flipping processors and running incubators, although it's 18 hours on Osho and marginally better at 14 hours on Aerys, so it's still only one session a day, which is aggravating. I barely recall sessions taking a day. Spoiled, that's what those of us who played through the sunset are. At any rate, I had an hour to wait on Aerys.

Did a lil shopping: picked up a house for Soulei and some supps for the KaiTok. The supps were located in Mos Krayt, a town just in the hills of where Mos Vegas was on Starsider. There is a tat hospital behind the shuttleport that someone has done a lab up in, and man I am jealous. I loved my lab and processing center hospital.

Popped Aerys back to the grind spot and went to bed, leaving her and the Kai killing Kungas.

When I woke up, the kai had made it to level 77, which is great! that's 5 levels with supps and 2 without. There are no Mark II supps on the market for his type, so we will be doing the slow grind from here.

Flipped Osho's Panther: no boom. /sigh. Switched to Soulei and set her up to AFK pet grind on the hill above the Valarian outpost, where she is parked to continue Legacy when I have a couple hours to play (likely not for a few days). Logged Osho in while that was testing to flip processors: no Cs from the 5 I split in my lab and only 4 from the ones in Hoggle's lab. The splits are one of the more annoying gates in the game, because each processing consumable takes so much resources, and to not be able to guarantee the splits, we waste so much of the elements, waiting until we get a better split. We were starting a trades thing on the old BM forums: I will talk to Hoggle and see how he feels about trying to set up the same thing on Omega.

The Secret Crafter got no boom, and while I was doing all of that, I got the 60 minute warning for a server reset. So logged on to Aerys and opted to run some Treasure Maps to kill that time. Yay, shiny loots! Each chest yields up about 5 loots, and one or two are pretty cool. I am doing all the gem collections on Aerys, because shiny! Hoggle needs BH armour bits, so I am giving him the bits he needs, and then some of the stuff I just threw on the market (with a teensy modicum of market research first -  I got a Flawless Ancient Krayt pearl, there were none on the open market and those listed on vendors were 19 mill and up. So I threw it on the open market for 10 mill.)

Threw all the pearls up: had a Premium and two Selects; and an Astromech Server terminal, and a couple of those non-heroic bracelets that people were just getting into. In the end, I listed a total of about 20 mill worth of goods. Hope they sell: creds are always useful. The fun and loots return even on solo Treasure Maps is pretty good: I will have to make sure we are saving them from the Lyase forage runs, when we get on doing those.

AFK logged and went to pick up the youngest from rehearsal. A really good day, overall.

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