Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 18: Uber Chubas and Albatrosses

Logged in before work, to flip processors, as Hoggle had let me know he had two droids at capacity with harvested hydros, so lots of processing still to do. It remains a weirdly satisfying part of the game for me.

Scrubbed Aerys jax, as I'd fudged the settings for the hydros, and it hadn't boomed regardless. Threw in the other Roba DNA with a 19 point hydro, got no boom, so meh. I have not done enough experiemnets to say, and considering how high mutation chance was at the close of game, I expect I have a bent perspective, but it feels like even with maxed chances, mutation chance is lower than even before the sunset announcement. It feels a bit like it did combo hunting on TC with Huntsya and -Fatboy-. I am not religiously tracking my attempts: wondering if I should maybe start?

Scrubbed Osho's Panther too: not enough green lyases or isos about. Will need to build up stocks of higher grde green and purple lyases and all colours of isos, so I stop raiding Hoggle's stores quite so much. Tend to get decent isos from mission terminal missions, so may make that a higher priority moving forward.

Decided I really want a Chubafly, Feathered Slice Hound and CoHenpa, so will be hunting for Chuba, Slice Hounds and Cupas. Corellian Slice Hounds are a random spawn (can't find them on mission terminals) but the Corellian butterfly, which also mutates into Chubafly *and* has different colours needed for mutation than Chuba *is* on terminals, so I will see about picking up some missions for that DNA.

Anywho, with that idea in mind, and a half hour left before restart, I opted to pop over to Naboo and maybe pick up some Chuba DNA off the low level wild spawns on the outskirts of Theed. Imagine my surprise when I could not find a single froggie! Fambaas and Pek pekos, and the Nightspiders that I vaguely recall are part of the Naboo portion of the Legacy quest, but no Chubas! So I sped off, popped over to a likely looking player city, and picked up a pair of missions for Chubas.

First lair did not net me a particularly good DNA, and while I was waiting for the lair to pop the next spawn (each lair gives three spawns: you can trigger the next spawns by attacking the lair, then attacking it again and taking it down to half health or lower: so one lair can give a solo player 6-9 chances for DNA) I spotted a Peko Peko Albatross, a big beautiful gold level elite. While I have no extractors, it was worth a shot to see if my level 78 Kai Tok and I were tough enough. Short story? Not quite. And as a gold elite mob, it kills instead of incapping. Whee!

So ten minutes to spare, I clone nearby and run out to finish my lairs and grab all the DNA I can. (I am also grabbing decent isos and harvesting meat, in an attempt to work on the creature harvesting collections, so I can get my Truffle Pig special ability the sooner. Got one collection piece in 15 harvests, so not bad). Managed to take down the lair and get my credit rewards just as I got my 30 second warning. Timing, man, it's everything.

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