Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 19: Brief Booming

As I popped in to the server, saw a fellow by the Cantina in Exile, then pop, no Cantina. Not sure what happened there, but will likely send a message to the Mayor soon to ask for zoning to declare residence of at least a couple toons in his city.

Got a boom on the Roba, yay, that gives me a chance at Boar Wolfcale, with a session left. Prepped the highest materials we had to hand, just in case. Oh god, Hoggle *is* going to hate me if it booms.

No boom on the Chuba, but just doesn't feel right to ditch a pet with processed hydros in it: someone will want it, I hope. So many resources in a pet...

Was getting a weird bug on the processors: elements were not slotting into them, so switched off Osho and back to Aerys to see if I could make it work, but it still bugged, with only a few minutes left before server shut down. So I foraged for lyases, then logged for the day.

Popped back in just before bed to flip Aerys' incu and whaddaya know, BOOM, baby! Got the Boar Wolfcale! So excite!

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