Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 16: Leveling and Legacy

Newly armed with my knowledge about multi-logins, I tossed Aerys out at the pet grind spot and got in group right away, which was super awesome and cool. Kai Tok was level 61, so making progress. Be good to have her up and dangerous. Soon.

Switched over to Secret Crafter and got some harvestors down so she can wiggle up her own resources. I am pretty much out of the recycled steel Hoggle and Okoral geave me, so I will be needing more like now-ish. Cannot really progress meaningfully on SC till I have that stuff on hand.

Flipped pets, started a Panther on Osho, no boom: meh. Got SC up high enough to start an incubation session: same result from the last of the Dewie DNA. I will have to get more, and some CuPa soon, too.

So, with Aerys and the Kai happily grinding away, I opted to get my second toon off Tansarrii station. I had forgotten what a slog that station was, so best intentions of doing every quest got sidelined, and I jumped ship at level 7. Hit Eisley, immediately got the speeder quest (more for the vehicle customisation kit that for the speeder, as I pulled a Flash Speeder out of thin air to do the quests.

Ran the start of Legacy till I was level 10, threw the expertise points into BM right away, and ran home and got the lil Jax that Aerys made. Hatched it, brought it to Tat to continue questing and of course, it hates Tat. Doesn't care about killing critters or NPCs either. smrf. Well, Ill figure her out eventually. :)

I bounced Aerys back to Talus to strip inventory and run an experiemntation session on kima DNA, (no boom) then spent a half hour foraging for lyases while chatting on the phone with my sister, the which we do not do nearly often enough, so that was nice. Then I figured I should run Aerys up to the old grind spots Chase' and I hung out at. Got there to find all the mobs are factional, and since I have done no insurgent activities, the conned grey to me. NoobDoc moment of the day! Dood. How dumb am I? So flew her back to Dant, set up at the Kungas. I had even forgotten until the moment of typing all this down exactly how one goes about getting factional status. So, pretty soon, I will run off to a base and talk to a recruiter. Maybe as a reward for getting the Kai to level 90? I don't know that I want to wait that long, seeing as I have no Mark II stims... I should maybe see if there are any on the market before I launch back into the grind overnight tonight.

Left Aerys grinding and went to do RL things for a while (making dinner and playing with my dog), then sat back at the keys just in time to get the 1 hour server shut down warning. Ah well: how far can an experienced player get in the Legacy quest in an hour? Six levels, apparently. Got the Jax to level 7, have visited Anchorhead, Toschi Station and the old lars homestead. Had a weird deja vu running around Anchorhead: Chase and I did some stuff there back in the day, I can't recall what. Might have just been the Darklighter quests stuff, or some basic Rebel things. Dunno, but definitely had the "this place is familiar" feeling. I expect I will have the same weird sense when I finally get to Jabba's Palace, too.

Oh, and cuz I am smart, I also got Soulei through the three parts of the Collector's Quests, so she can do all those random collections as we go along. She looted some Tusken quest items and I was reminded of my first feeling when the Collections content was added to the game: so many cool deco options now. I never got to explore even half of them back in the day, so I am looking forward to having some cool deco-ed spaces, when I am playing here.

So enjoying the game. Even the parts that should be boring or a chore are delightful for me. Maybe I appreciate it more since it was taken away so precipitously.

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