Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 29: Citizenship and Clothing

Was able to flip processors before my day got seriously underway, then was able to log back in for a couple hours in the evening.

The big achievement for the day was getting zoning in Exile Labs and getting all four toons dropped there. That kinda sucked up the rest of my play session, however, as I had to start moving vendors off and over and things,. and get the other houses lifted.

Also got some Clothing factories down, and three schematics loaded, so the Secret Crafter can start making clothes soon. that's going to be awesomesauce, as I miss dressing well on all my toons. Osho really is a terribly dressed Wookiee (who apparently can't drive) as he kept running over the Mayor, AccameI when he was trying to get Zoning permissions.

Got the hour warning as I was clearing Osho's vendors, got them done and the Rest moved up into the city, and got half of the Secret Crafter's cleared before I had to log. She had a vendor disappear on her while I was setting up too: lost a few minutes to confusion there.

Ran some of my sessions: no boom on third stage of the panther, Aerys had some time left on her incus, I had an inventory issue with the Dewback isos, but it was resolved when the server reset.

Got Aerys set up to grind while I moved the last of the vendor stuff off and even did a squinch of deco on the Secret Crafter's merchant tent. (Note to self: I need rugs! My floors look so bare!)

Processing has been disappointing: as many 19s as 20s. That's alright, I guess, can use them for mutation attempts, and the lower grade pets aren't selling poorly. No booms on anybody today. Flipped Osho's incu just before logging for the night. Soulei still has 12 hours left on her sessions.

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