Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 34: Grinding and Grauls.

Yay, a morning to play! I am not (yet) as addicted as I was, but I did have my first SWG dream in a very long time. Reminded me of many of the game dreams I have had over the years.

Logged in Lifa to flip the last session on the Kwi, 37 minutes to restart. Spent 25 of that moving stuff around the processing lab. The Mutagen side is set up, and running its first three hydros. I think we'll process any 6 or under with over 6 mutagen. For best results, we will want to get some capped mutagen consumables, eventually, too.

 Logged on Osho for last session on Dewback. Switched to Aerys and got her home from Imp outpost (yay, we have a shuttle again!) and flipped her second session on Chuba. No booms on anybody.

Server reset, so I blogged to fill the time.

Back into game, will run Aerys' dailies, then get her set up AFK, run Soulei's dailes and then work a bit on the next legs of Legacy. She has hit level 30, and the pet is level 22. Need to catch the beast up: will see if I can afk her for a couple hours tomorrow.

Processed some, chatted with Oko in Discord, and then late in the evening, Boom, Graul. Holy heck. Hoggle gonna be miffed, and I feel bad that he's been trying for months and gotten nothing yet, and I have barely been around for a month and get 3 Apps and about 9 Stats. And I didn't even want a Graul, just wanted to make one, for shiggles. Now to get my paws on a 13 pt hydro to finish it off.

Ran maps to just take advantage of the playtime, went to bed before I passed out.

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