Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 30: LOVE FEST!

Logged in: ULF is level 79! Four levels afking last night. Might even get him to 90 before the end of the weekend!

Aerys flipped her incubator, and all the processors: started another 20. Bottlenecked by a need for Cs: will have to check vendors tomorrow to see if I can buy some raws: even low ones would help: we have processed 19 and 20 pt elements to balance out a 13 or 14 C. Will ask Hoggle to bring in some more raws: we need them if I'ma keep on producing all these 20s.

Switched over to Lifa, but she had 45 minutes left on her incu, and none of the others have ready sessions, so back to Aerys to run to Tyrena and do the Love Fest starter quests. Actually got all but one done (found Kyoopid, but hadn't the supplies on hand to get his reward. Rarg.) Need to run the maintenance quests every day to get enough hearts to buy wings and other deco.

I love the silly events they added to the game to focus on different holidays and things. It helped get in the modd to enjoy the RL holidays, and some of the quests were just silly and brilliant. Love Fest is fun. I am okay with having to run dailies for the next few weeks while I amass enough Chak hearts to buy all the wings and things I want for Aerys. Will prolly do them on Soulei too, if there's an XP reward.

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