Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 28: Stress Tests

Logged in on Secret Crafter to flip processors and start that capped Sand Panther for Crossfire: if he opts to buy or trade with me, I'd like to have the egg ready.

2 hours till Osho's incubator is ready, giving me time to do some foraging on Aerys, as I need a few more teal lyases for the Squills.

Switched to Soulei: if Osho's incubators aren't ready, neither are hers. Running more of Legacy and getting thoroughly turned around in Jabba's Palace. I never got to know it all thatw ell before the game was gone, so I am not as comfortable with that labyrinth of stairs and doors and such.

Then an annuncement popped up to help stress test the server before they started the Love Fest stuff: so cool! Popped back to Aerys to run over there, and then brought Osho in, too. It was great! Actually chatted with Tomo, and showed off ULF, and made some new connections for the pets. It was fun hanging about killing spawns and helping however I could. I think Ash was running the stress test, which was neat to see, too. I will have to check in with him on FB and find out what his toons are called, not that I expect he has much time on them.

After that, I ran Treasure Maps on Aerys: no really awesome loots, but it was fun, and when you get those 60 minute warnings, what else ya gonna do? :) I really need to run to tat and get CuPa and dewie DNA, and Endor for Jax and Borgle. Mamiens make Grauls, right? Hmmm.

Crap, Darasuum Tome has lost their shuttleport, which will make popping to the grind spot a bit more heinous. Hope I can get the Piggie levlled up sooner rather than later.

And FINALLY got my Discord sorted out, after wasting over an hour trying to get it working on the computer, i just downloaded the app and used it on my phone. New friends, and old familiar voices are always cool.

One they had me in voice, Hoggle had to take me on a tour of some awesome labs and set ups on Lok, and Oko brought me to his place on Dant, which was pretty groovy: he's done some deco stuff I absolutely adored, and will definitely be stealing. Same with Hokkeygod's Hangar lab set up. So nice!

Also, at some point, I sold one of the Chubas for 4.8 mill and the Dalyrake for 6.5, so Osho is loaded. Will definitely be spending that pretty quickly. I have some inventory maintenance to do: going to bag up and vend-store the Engineer, Smuggler and Ent looted schematics until such time as I have the profs on hand. Will clear quite a bit of space in the Shop.

Set up Aerys to AFK overnight, piggie is level 66, hope to get him a bit further along.

The day started slow, but finished with fun. It was truly wonderful to be able to talk to my friends again! Finally starting to feel like I am settling in.

Also, I talk too much. :)

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