Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 36: Junk and Jundaks

I don't believe it. I had a half hour before I had to run into work, and logged on for a few minutes, flipped incubators. Pulled the Graul egg, then switched toons to run Aerys' next session and what do you know, but BOOM!

So now I need a 14 pt Hydro to finish that egg off, and Hoggle gets himself a Jundak. I am flabbergasted. That makes 4 app mutations in less than 6 weeks of active playing. I looked back over my stats: using high grade (if not always top) materials, I have achieved 12 stats and 4 apps in 74 incubation sessions. That's 16 mutation events out of 74, which means I am running about over 21% chance of mutation. That can't be the actual programmed chance. Maybe I should be going for Spined Rancor, or for Acklay, while the luck is on my side!

Anywho, off to work, will log back on later and flip processors. Don't have much time to play today.

Logged in very briefly in the evening, got processors flipped and such, and had a lovely chat with Mango, telling him all about the scientific work the BM community did back in the day: how we worked together to discover the maths behind all aspects of our profession. I think I talk too much: I need to make sure I let the guys in Discord know I do that and that they can shut me up whenever they need to. And then more fun with Vixie (shenanigans are afoot there, as we discovered we share a hobby or two).

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