Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 40: Crafting and Kashyyyk

Flipped processors and Incus first, then got on Osho and assembled his resources to craft some of the Architect Schema he's been hanging onto. Couches and Radar Screens and Tanned Hides, oh my! Not sure how much of a market there is for purely deco stuff, but I like doing it.

Then switched to Aerys and got her daily Love Fest stuff done, then took her to Kashyyyk to get some leathery hide for the backpack schematic the Domestics crafter has learned. Oh god there's a whole story thing to do here, and if I want that Webweaver rug Ima have to do it! Picked up a few started quests, but the server is shutting down and I have a long list of RL stuff to do today, so I called it at that point. Got the leathery, but it took more than it should have to do so: only the jyykle vultures have leathery hide on Kash.

No booms means starting fresh tonight and tomorrow: I need to throw that Flit in for my middle kiddle, and maybe put a couple pegs into some other capped crafts for the vendor. Sand Panther sold yesterday, so Osho has cash again. Priority 1 is getting Aerys' her gloves and necklace.

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