Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 39: No Booms and Necklaces

Flipped incus and processors, then ran osho around to find a better spawn of Copper for his crafting. Slowly building up the supplies I need to be a capable deco crafter, at least. Did a lil market research too: not a lot of eggs on the bazaar, and ffffff, some things are so expensive! I want rugs!

No boom on his CuPa this morning: one more session to try for CoHenpa. 6 more hours for the Secret Crafter's incubator, same for Aerys. Left her in the cave, restarted the grind a lil further over: Piggie is almost 89! So close! With luck, I'll get him there today! And then I have to run Aerys up to Kashyyyk to kill things for the hide I need for those loot schem backpacks with all the stats. Should also get moving on the Kash quests: I do want a Webweaver rug (or four) for the lab. Plus more Rebel Rugs. RUGS!

Late night login before bed: still no booms, but five more 20s finished.catching up n the unprocessed elements, as I was unable to get more hydros in before server reset.

Did get a squinch of grinding done: ULF is level 89 and half way to 90, which is awesome. I still don't have any of his Rank 5 specials: need the Master Tamer's Necklace, and Minder Gloves to make that easier.

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